Reason as the Leading Motive

An Objectivist State

Posted by Jerry on July 27, 2006

An Atheist State is no different from a Theocracy. Therefore, the Marxist-Leninist Soviet was not only a communist, totalitarian state but also a theocratic one.

I heard someone argue once that a government formed under the guidelines of Objectivism would degenerate into totalitarianism as a consequence of the tyranny of Reason: coercing people to be rational, instituting atheism as the ideology of the state, etc.

Clearly, such an argument reveals a naive understanding of the philosophy of Objectivism and its core principles. Objectivism defines a proper, moral, and rational mode of living that is fully appropriate to our nature as volitional human beings. While Objectivism condemns irrationality, it does not force people to be rational; while it presents the best that is possible to man on Earth, it does not force it out of them; while it denies the existence of supernatural beings; it does NOT force men to accept that on faith.

If Objectivism is epistemologically a philosophy that champions Reason, it is also a philosophy that metaphysically champions freedom–through its core principle of defining the identity of humans as conscious and volitional beings. A philosophy of freedom is, by definition, anti-force.


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