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Mark Lentz: India and its Digital War

Posted by Jerry on July 20, 2006

Mark at Late Night Rants just found evidence that the spineless Indian government has now banned blog sites that are deemed  offensive to muslims! [This links to a blogsite that I am unable to visit, thanks to the ban.]

Mark writes:

Digital fatwas apparently have been issued by the Inidan government to various right-wing blogs that have taken to desecrating the Quran.

Jay Andrew Allen ranted quite well in his post:

Even though I’m pissed that I’m not banned (hey, I just started back up again in full force – maybe I’ll be blocked during the NEXT round of digital fatwas!), I’m standing behind these folks. And you should too. It doesn’t matter if you’re a flaming liberal and think they’re scum-sucking sludge vermin. They have fundamental human freedoms. India has violated them. They are right. India is wrong, wrong, fucking wrong. If freedom of speech and human rights mean anything to you, you’ll give India the verbal and digital backhand it so rightly deserves.

As Shackleford said: “if you can’t legitimately offend people engaging in riots, who advocate criminal penalties for blasphemy, and who wish your destruction, who can you offend?”

Our Constitution was designed to protect minority beliefs from mob rule. Don’t let the mobs run amock – not here, not anywhere.

This is just getting bizarre in India, Ergo. First they shutdown blog sites that may have been utilized by the bombers (assumed to be Muslim), and now they ban blogs that are offensive to those very Muslims!


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