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Posted by Jerry on July 18, 2006

Only a few minutes ago, I found out via this Indian blogger about the news that INDIA HAS BANNED BLOGS HOSTED ON BLOGGER, BLOGSPOT, TYPEPAD, and GEOCITIES!

Earlier in the week, I emailed Jason asking him if the blogger platform was down–as blogger is known to be frequently down. However, he replied saying that nothing was wrong on his end, and that he was able to access his own and others’ blogspot accounts. Jason also added a comment, that now in hindsight is freakin omninous! He wondered if the Indian government had deliberately shut down the access to these blogs.
I mentally dismissed that idea. India, afterall, is the world’s largest democracy! Hardly the kind of government you would expect to be getting all paranoid over democractic opinions on the internet. PAH! How wrong I was!


Read all about this highly offensive story:

[O]n July 15, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) had sent ISPs a list of sites to be blocked. R H Sharma, senior engineer with MTNL, said the list ran into some 22 pages.

Read more on fellow blogger responses here. Incidentally, WordPress has escaped the invasive eyes of the Indian government. Also, some private Indian ISP providers are still allowing access to some sites. However, it seems like only a matter of time before things get worse in this totalitarian country.


According to Mutiny, “there is no ban in place”, rather it is the Indian Government instructing ISP’s to “control” access to a list of sites…

hmmm… “control access”… that, in one word, is censorship! I can’t fathom how blind Mutiny has to be to not see this for what it is–a blatant violation of our rights! We have lost our freedom to SPEAK!

Daniel left an apt comment in response to Mutiny’s post. He said:

and in other news, The Indian Government has decided to turn off the water supply as it has been reported that the terrorists use water to live

Its always good to see that any government has intelligent people making all the decisions.

Apparently, it’s a move on the part of the government to crack down on terrorists who are communicating through these blogs. Well, this is news to me! I had no clue that Innommable, John Enright, Jason Hughes, Tyrel, and other blogspot bloggers are in fact terrorists. You guys, I thought we were pretty open with each other!

Some bloggers agree with Mutiny that it is “mature” to let the government tell you to shut up for a while. Mutiny says:

There is no freedom is speech issue here. This is just a temp security measure. Let’s show some maturity.

They are forgetting something so crucial: this is exactly what the terrorists want of us: to cripple our country, take away our freedoms, and constrict us with fear. If we give up our freedom of speech today in exchange for a “temp security measure”, what more will be demanded of us tomorrow?! The terrorists want you to believe that you can either live fearfully under the siege of your own government, or you can live free lives that are open and susceptible to their attacks. But No! This dichotomy is false! We need not sacrifice our freedoms for greater security! In fact, what we need to fight for, and demand, is GREATER SECURITY FOR PRESERVING ALL THE FREEDOMS WE HAVE–AND SHOULD HAVE!

The terrorists are winning, and people like Mutiny are conceding defeat without a whimper of protest. Disgusting.


Here is a link to my Letter of Protest that I sent to the Editor of Mumbai Mirror, sharply denouncing the governments infringement on our rights to free speech.

As I mentioned earlier, things have only worsened. Now, ALL private ISP’s have also obliged the government and banned access to certain domain sites, including blogger, blogspot, typepad, geocities, and maybe more. I posted again on the irrational and non-sensical censorship strategy that the Indian government is implementing in its “fight” against the terrorists.

In order to circumvent the government ban, I have made an open announcement to my blogger companions (especially those on my blogroll).


  1. detritus76 said


    Totally unbelievable.

    Keep us informed!

  2. Jason said

    Dude, I am so sorry to hear about this unfortunate turn of events… I am wondering if you could figure out some type of work-around, but so far I am coming up blank…

    Sorry to be so psychic… It’s a talent I wish I could use to win the powerball lottery… then I could just buy the country and free it up for ya! 😀

    I know, not really funny…

    Is there some type of human rights group or organization that could turn the tide of this governmental control? If it is truly a democracy, there must be some type of political umph that could be worked up to free the censorship… perhaps writing to the ISP’s?

    Here’s hoping things work out…

    BTW, how did you get to my site earlier today?

  3. Jason said

    OMG, when I sent this comment, for the first time ever I got a message that said “This message is being sent to an unsecure site. Do you wish to continue?” I’ve never gotten that message before commenting on your blog…

    Don’t know if this is in regards to the conversation? Or just really eerie coincidence?


  4. snooker said

    All you do is create sensationalism. you ought to be shot!

  5. Ergo said

    Jason, I got through to your site at my work… I presume my work has its own Internet server, etc… and they may not have banned the sites (yet).

    Snooker, yes I am deliberately sensationalising this… because these are only tiny symptoms of a dangerous cancer; if gone unchecked, unchallenged, unnoticed, it will grow and spread perniciously through the rest of this country. So long as I have to live in this country, I want to make the LOUDEST noise out of issues like these because the snatching away of my freedom deeply offends me to the core.

  6. snooker said

    The intent was not to deprive YOU of your freedom. It was to prevent some terrorists (as i gather…) from communicating. And is a temporary measure after all. But new technology has bitten us in the ass and an entire site has to be blocked to block a few domains. That inadvertantly, includes 99.9% of innocent others. So wait for some time first….

  7. innommable said

    Snooker, you think Ergo should be shot, eh?

    What if someone didn’t INTEND to SHOOT you? What if the INTENT was to SHOOT a terrorist, but you were in the way, and were killed instead. I guess that would be OK as well, wouldn’t it?

  8. Jason said

    Snooker, so it is okay to deprive people of their rights so a select few idiots and trouble makers have a hard time surfing the net??? Your logic is ill-conceived. Human rights are the supreme end-all be-all of human existance. When a few morons get some of those rights restricted, they are succeeding in getting their way. End of story.

    To restrict rights under the guise of “protection” is just as mornic as the idiots that are trying to take away your rights in the first place–do you get it? It’s not sensationalism to protest a restriction of rights–it is your duty to protect them! What’s next? Like our idiot president in the U.S., they start tapping phones, listening in, arresting hundreds without representation or trial, the whole “guilty until proven innocent” crap…

    Protest now, or by the time you realize what is really going on, the “protectors” have become the terrorists…

    You may think that impossible, but a short little history lesson will prove me right…

  9. Jason said

    And the “you should be shot” comment is real nonterroristic of you…


  10. John Enright said

    Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever been censored before.

    Are they blocking livejournal too? Because I mirror post to:


    But I think you know that.


  11. Mark said

    Shameful, just shameful.

    Goes to prove what people like Ergo have pointed out on his blog and myself on my own that democracy is no guarantor of ones rights.

    It is in the face of terror and evil that we need to hold onto our rights most strongly.

  12. Hiren said

    It is a dangerous trend. It can always be misued for the vested interests of politicians

  13. Hiren said

    Sorry about the above wrong link but since this has to do with the after affects of bomb blasts, maybe you would like to look at this Stray thoughts

  14. Gwen said

    Could the affected people possibly use an RSS emailer service, like Squeet or Feedblitz to send posts to an email account (like a Gmail or a Yahoo account)?

    It’s not ideal (ideal would be absence of censorship), but it’s a thought.


  15. Woke said

    http://mutiny.wordpress.com/2006/07/21/isps%e2%80%99-laziness-caused-the-indian-blog-blackout/ for the real story behind the blockade.

  16. Sid said

    You think this was bad?

    Check out the Broadcast Bill currently up for introduction into the Parliament (You can check out the Information and Broadcasting Ministry website for the full content).

    – It allows government to shut down TV channels which are “prejudicial to relations with foreign countries”, “not in the interest of public harmony”, etc. etc.
    – Worse, if the government shuts down such a channel, the action cannot be challenged in court.
    – Worse, even junior officers have the power to seize equipment of TV channels on the basis of even 1 COMPLAINT.
    – Worse, there is no constitutional protection against this since the constitution allows for “reasonable restrictions” on the freedom of speech.

    “Largest Democracy”? What a joke!

    The best way out – Get out of this hellhole as quickly as possible.

  17. Ergo said

    You’re right Sid, this country is hardly a democracy–and even though I am against the notion of a democratic government–anything is better than the tyranny of mindless brutes as it is in India. The situation here is worse than a joke, it’s not funny anymore.

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