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America — You Must be Dreaming Now

Posted by Jerry on July 4, 2006

Americans, wish you all a very Happy American Independence Day!

Capitol Building

I also personally feel the joy and celebration in what this holiday means to America and the Americans: a country made by the best in men, for the best in men. Over the years, I have come to love America–the country, the culture, the success, the dreams, the wealth, the freedom, the philosophy–so deeply. While I may be living here, I believe my home is where my heart is: in the United States. So, I celebrate quietly along with the rest of you.

I remember, when I was in the eighth grade in my high school here in Mumbai, I attended a concert at my school premises. One of the songs in the concert was “Golden Dream” — a classic Disney song from “The American Adventure – 1982“. When I heard it for the first time that evening, I was moved by the power of the song and of its words. The only caveat: in the song, they had replaced “America” with “Oh India”. So, the song went, “Oh India, you must be dreaming now”.

I had no clue that it wasn’t the original words–that in fact, the song was written with reference to America, and the American spirit. But I distinctly remember thinking how odd of a song this was song in referring to India– I remember thinking that this song does not express any “Indianness”, does not come off as being really “Indian”. Yet, I loved the song so much, I didn’t know of any reasons to doubt what I heard. Yet, the song obviously left an indelible mark in my memory. I remember it to this day, I also remember the names of the two young boys who sang this song: Jason and Rohan.

Anyway. Of course, now I am well aware of the songs original words. I wonder if anyone else experiences the upliftment of spirit when they hear this song. America, keep on flying now, keep your spirits free:

“Golden Dream”
The American Adventure – 1982
Music and Lyrics by Randy Bright and Bob Moline

“America, you must be dreaming now
Dreaming the promise now of your pioneers
America, keep on flying now
Keep your spirit free, facing new frontiers”

6 Responses to “America — You Must be Dreaming Now”

  1. Jason said

    I’ve actually never heard the song before, but the way you make it sound, it must be very beautiiful!

    Incidentally, TIME magazine just did a whole issue on India and the progress it has made in the last few years… I’m still reading the issue, but I also know journalists can put pretty spins on things that actually aren’t so pretty…

    Here’s hoping you keep your spirits up and return here soon!


  2. Garfield said

    Okay, I think I know the route you criss-crossed through to interpret whatever was written.

    That aside, I must say that you write with a lot of verve and spirit – be it on personal or not-so-personal matters: I just might become a frequent visitor:)

  3. Garfield said

    Okay I think I know the route you criss-crossed through to interpret whatever was written.

    That aside, I must say you write with verve and spirit: I just might become a frequent visitor.:)

  4. Mark said

    Thank you for the kind words about my country. I love America and its ideals, but it can be an infuriating place to live in at times. The ideals are lost to so many now. We wallow around in relativism, fighting for scraps, trying to have the loudest voice on the issue of the moment. It’s sad. History is barely understood by many. Philosophy? Don’t make me laugh! But still, I hope and try to enlighten where I can.

    Glad to hear you are okay after the attacks in Mumbai. I discovered your blog only yesterday morning and when I read of the attacks online later in the day, it was your blog and presence in India that immediately came to mind. Just an odd irony thing at that particular moment.

  5. Ergo said

    I agree. There are things wrong with America… many things. Yet, when I refer to America’s greatness, I am speaking in the perspective of the rest of the world. I look at what America has achieved–and more importantly–I begin to understand the underlying *reason* of her incredible achievements and successes. I refer to the foundation that the country is built upon — capitalism, individualism, and a constitution that enshrines *individual* human rights as more fundamentally important than democracy.
    Whatever may be her weaknesses, so long as America protects her foundational ideals, it will continue to be the greatest country on Earth, in history.

  6. Unique said

    so hows that gaza strip?

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