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European Dominance in the World Cup 2006

Posted by Jerry on July 2, 2006

England and PortugalDavid Beckham Woah! What a twist of events! Two of the most popular soccer teams–Argentina and Brazil–have been knocked out of the World Cup 2006! Brazil was the defending world champions in this game, but they were valiantly beaten by the French team, 0-1! Brazil is now officially out of the World Cup!

Germany defeated Argentina in an excrutiatingly tense penalty shoot out. The same with England and Portugal, where after an exciting and nerve-racking game, England collapsed under the Portuguese, 1-3, in penalty shoot outs.

So, now, all semi-finalists for the Fifa World Cup 2006 are from Europe–an obvious sign of Europe’s dominance in this sport:

Portugal vs France
Italy vs Germany 

They have defeated the popular favorites from Latin America, and now the rest of the world will watch as the Europeans battle it out in the last and final match of Soccer World Cup 2006!


2 Responses to “European Dominance in the World Cup 2006”

  1. Garfield said

    Oh yes, T is wonderful to talk to as well.
    However, by the by, I see you interpret my codewords. Who may you be?

  2. Ergo said

    You can learn some of that in “About Me” 🙂

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