Reason as the Leading Motive


Posted by Jerry on June 22, 2006

I have noticed that every concept that one ascribes to God, i.e., as an attribute of whatever God is, either is contradictory to begin with, or ends up getting mired in contradiction at some point, and to such an extent that the concept itself becomes simply unintelligible. And despite that, or maybe because of the unintelligibility that is encountered when thinking of such concepts, some people tend to either underestimate the efficacy of our rational minds, or they (the religious believers) tend to reinforce their “faith” in a God that is all “mysterious,” enigmatic,” and beyond our limited comprehension.

For example, the concept of an all-loving, unconditionally loving God is clearly and most obviously in fundamental conflict with the notion of heaven, hell, justice, retribution, and free will.

Fully moral, completely perfect God — fundamentally contradicts God’s free will and capacity to choose; contradicts His all-powerful, immortal, infinite nature… contradicts our own existence and the nature of our reality.

Justice as attributed to God, i.e. being fully just–creates fundamental conflicts with His quality of unlimited mercy, perfect benevolence, etc. Moreover, the notion that infinite souls live eternally the consequences of their mortal lives while they were on Earth as physical beings seems utterly unjust according to any formulations of justice.

Omniscience implies all-knowing, except knowing how it is like to not know something, which is a contradiction. The same is applicable to omnipotence: the powerlessness in the face of having to think of something He cannot do or cannot think of.

Thus, nothing about God makes any sense. And that in itself is a contradiction of the concept of a supremely intelligent God. It conflicts with some very fundamental standards of what intelligibility should be. If a supremely intelligent God fails to even meet the fundamental standard of non-contradiction, then either God is incredibly stupid, or we are. Clearly, there is ample evidence to show that humans are both stupid and also incredibly intelligent. But there is not a shred of evidence thus far that demonstrates God’s intelligence–let alone his very existence! All we “know” of God–or of such a concept as God–is that it is utterly nonsensical, unimaginably contradictory, incomprehensive, beyond any of our understanding… and therefore, most certainly true!?


2 Responses to “God-concepts”

  1. D. Eastbrook said

    You may want to look at this site. The guy absolutely destroys the God concept and Christianity.



  2. ergosum said

    Hey Eastbrook,

    Thanks for the link. I checked it out briefly… he’s got tons of stuff on there! It might take me some time to read through most of them. Maybe I’ll comment on some of the things there, if interesting.

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