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Football Fever!

Posted by Jerry on June 13, 2006

India, like the rest of the world, is hot with Football Fever! It's the 2006 Fifa World Cup games currently being held in Germany, and that's pretty much been the only topic of water-cooler (or coffee-maker) conversation around here. And doing something utterly unlike myself, I sat up and watched two games so far: England vs Paraguay, where I thought England put on a dismal performance by winning only by a 1-0 score, and the only goal scored was by a member of the Paraguaian team as a self-goal. Certainly, England is way better than that! Though, I must say, the England team is best know for their line-up of pretty boys than their athletic abilities (see pic for evidence).

The second match I watched was tonight between the United States and the Czech Republic. Again, I was utterly disappointed by the US game. They played so lazily and were utterly overwhelmed by the formidable Czech team. Ofcourse, I was rooting for the US team, but by the second half, after being down by 2 goals to nothing, the Czech forward attacker (I'm not sure if that's the technical term) sealed their comfortable victory with another damning 3rd goal. However, it didn't seem to matter the US team – they still seemed quite complacent and nonchalant about the whole thing… like they cared only little.

Oh well. It's sucks to be disappointed by sports just when you just barely started paying some attention to it. I believe, in among the more than 300 posts that I have written so far, this is my first and only post on sports! Good god! How wierd is that? I don't even have a category for this yet! I guess I'll create one right now, and this shall be my first, lonely post in that category. Maybe more shall turn out later. I'll wait and see for myself!

 Pretty Boys from EnglandHottie Javier from ArgentinaHot Football player


One Response to “Football Fever!”

  1. innommable said

    I’ve never been much of a spectator… I guess if I’m not playing the sport, I wouldn’t really care, but could you imagine my GAY ASS playing soccer! I’d be so clumbsy!

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