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Atlas Smolders With Sexual Tension!

Posted by Jerry on May 4, 2006

It's about 4:00am right now here in god-forsaken land.

I recently began re-reading Atlas Shrugged – the new Centennial paperback edition. The cover design on this behemoth of a book is so attractive and stunning, I couldn't resist its temptation; so I bought the book right before I left America. At first I thought I'd give this copy to my friend here, since I already have my own copy of an older version of the book (which is all worn out, tattered, and literally in two pieces due to very abusive reading habits).

However, since I bought this new paperback edition, I've been so reluctant to part with it. I feel so selfishly possessive about it, and I am torn between on the one hand, wanting to keep this new, fresh, attractive copy for myself to re-read, and on the other hand, wanting to give it to my friend so he can hopefully gain some value in his life from reading it, which might help us have a deeper understanding and friendship due to a shared context.

Ofcourse, I could really do both – re-read it first and then offer it to my friend. Oh, but the pain of parting away from it at all! Ugh.

Anyway, well what really motivated me to rise up at this time of the morning and blog was that as I was reading my fresh, new, robust copy of the Centennial edition, I came upon this smoldering hot desription of the sexual tension between Hank Rearden and Dagny Taggart – the heroes of the novel. Read this part:

"To reduce you to a body, to teach you an animal's pleasure, to see your wonderful spirit dependent upon the obscenity of your need… to see you in my bed, submitting to any infamous whim I may devise, to any act which I'll perform for the sole purpose of watching your dishonor and to which you'll submit for the sake of an unspeakable sensation…. I want you – and may I be damned for it!…"

Well, read more:

"… Do you know what I'm thinking now, in this moment?… Your gray suit and your open collar… you look so young, so austere, so sure of yourself… What would you be like if I knocked your head back; if I threw you down in that formal suit of yours, if I raised your skirt-"

Good God! Rand could well have been a Romance novelist! I bet her romance novels would be so edgy, steaming, sexy, smoldering, and as an added benefit – they would actually have an intelligent, philosophical plot structure! (hmm… I wonder if that's what Atlas Shrugged is already?).


4 Responses to “Atlas Smolders With Sexual Tension!”

  1. innommable said

    Oooh… Kinda hot!

    You know, I was at Borders just the other day and I saw that new edition of Atlas Shrugged. It was in with the other books labeled, SUMMER READING. Isn’t that interesting?

    What’s going on in India? Still under 24hr surveilance by your parents?

  2. I’ve read and re-read Atlas shrugged more times than I can count. But i’ve never felt like I was reading the same book.. there’s something new to doscover everytime.

    p.s. I haven’t been around for a while… and I’m sure you don’t remember me anymore… but then again, most people forget.

  3. Ergo Sum said

    Pallavi! Ofcourse I remember YOU! How could I forget, the Queen of blog! 🙂

    I’ve read some of the best verses on your blog… you’re an amazing writer.
    Are you still in India? You know, I’m in India too, now.

    Hey Innommable. Life in India is alright. I just got a job yesterday… as an editor for scholarly journals. I might blog it soon.

  4. Semperviva said

    ahahahaha i love this post!

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