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Strange Responses to God’s Plan

Posted by Jerry on May 3, 2006

I posted a modified version of my "God's Original Plan for Humanity" on the Progressive U site. I disagree with the website's mission and vision statement, but the site has generated a sizeable number of readers for my post there. At the time of this writing, 105 people have read my post.

Ofcourse, it is my desire to have my original ideas disseminated as widely as possible. Yet, that also means having to contend with strange and wierd remarks or opinions in response to my ideas. The following is my modified post and some people's remarks to it:

"Assume that the Genesis story in the Bible is true. Therefore, God exists.

God created man in His image. Then he created woman out of man. Strangely, however, God commanded Adam and Eve to not eat the fruits of the tree of life and knowledge. In other words, God made man and woman in His image except for the knowledge and immortal life part. So, “His image” is quite questionable as to what it means. It is said in the book of Genesis that before eating of the forbidden fruit, man had no concept of sin or wrong or evil. It was after having eaten the fruit from the “Serpent” that sin entered into the world. Sin implies immorality – which also implies a possibility of morality.

The book says that after they ate the fruit, Adam noticed Eve as a “woman” and apparently that reveals the human nature of sinful lust that became possible for Adam to experience. So, God originally then intended Adam and Eve to remain oblivious of good and bad, right or wrong, moral and evil, the sexual and the impersonal, etc. Which further implies that God did not want Adam and Eve to have knowledge of such things, and of many other things that arise from such knowledge – like love, values, virtues, hatred, benevolence, choice, freedom, nurture, etc.

Thus, it seems like God created Adam and Eve just like He created all the other animals – like just any other species – endowed with life, but a blank stare of ignorance in their eyes. God did not want Adam and Eve to have knowledge – to know what is admirable, what is deserving of praise, what is evil, what is immoral, what is good, what is bad, etc. Knowledge was forbidden.

In other words, God’s Divine plan for humanity was to keep us in a perpetual state of ignorant void – there can be no “happy” “innocent” state without the possibility of experiencing unhappiness or evil – an infant is not “happy” or “innocent” in the true meaning of the word, the infant is merely clueless, like any other animal would be, only sometimes responding pleasurably to pleasurable stimuli. But, humans foiled God’s Divine plan (clearly, foiling God’s plan is possible, according to the Bible) in cahoots with the Devil.

The Devil liberated human beings from the state of ignorance and animal-like existence and brought salvation upon humankind. The Devil gave us the glimpse of immense possibilities, of achievements, of the concept of happiness, joy, love, of the higher meanings of morality, choice, freedom, failure, etc. The Devil made the world we live in, possible. The Devil free-ed humans to build our own heaven, here on Earth. The Devil makes it possible for us to love our mothers and hate our back-stabbers, to enjoy our boyfriends in sex, and to create great works of Art and literature. The knowledge of good and evil makes it possible for us to have a life that has meaning, that gives us control over our actions, that gives us responsibility, purpose, efficacy, sense of achievement. Of course, because of our freedom, we also screw up a lot. But hey, I still prefer living like this today, as a thinking human being, than living like how God intended Humans to live – as ignorant animals with no knowledge, no concept of any values, no experience of love or sexual intimacy, no worth, no pride, no self-esteem.

Ergosum's blog – 105 reads


The last two paragraphs here
The last two paragraphs here could have been titled, "Why I am not a Christian." Excellent post. One of the essences of religion here.
Michael Allen Yarbrough
Protagonist – Tue, 05/02/2006 – 1:28am

God commanded them not to
God commanded them not to eat of the tree of Knowledge, however the tree of Life was open. Adam and Eve were immortal beings until they ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. After they ate, they were banished from the Garden of Eden, which made them mortal, at least while on earth.
As a Christian, I believe God is sovereign. Satan could not have tricked Eve into eating the fruit if God did not allow it. God's plan for humanity was to create us, then send his son to die for us, so that we could believe in Him and be saved. He knew what was going to happen from the time he created Adam and Eve, because that was what he wanted to happen. The fact that people accept his sacrifice brings glory to Him, and He created the world to bring glory to himself.
KearBear44 – Wed, 05/03/2006 – 6:31am

Interesting idea, but I
Interesting idea, but I noticed one problem. I could be wrong but I don't remember it saying in Genesis that Adam an Eve we're not immortal. I think they were immortal until they ate the fruit and were kicked out of the Garden of Eden. So if this is true then they may not have had knowledge but they would have lived in paradise without the pressures, struggles, and evils that we know about. But on the other hand since thats not what happened I can see your point in thinking we were liberated. Good Post
tcole31314 – Wed, 05/03/2006 – 6:33am

Hey very strong words. Just
Hey very strong words. Just remember that these stories were written to help aid us in our relief to the thought of death. But that brings some thought into play. I always wondered if heaven is so perfect when we reach that destination why think. You have done a great job of answering my question. The reason why we are so afraid of thinking outside the world we believe in. Is because animals as we were. wernt made to think. But the devil is only our concept of evil. And evil does not deserve reward for what we have accomplished. Knowledge is due its credit. The "devil" had no part in stuffing that apple down our mouth, curiousity did. Thats the problem with your theory How would it be wrong to eat the apple if we dont understand the concept of right or wrong. What animal goes against his instinct to learn the experience of knowledge. When the bible says we were made in his image i dont think he was talking about flesh and bones but i believe he was talking about the ability to make our choices on the path we were willing to take. That story only illustrates that we as human biengs desire not to live within the restriction of any higher being. but well thought out im not a religious person just showing in defense out of respect for other religions
Godfrey G Davis II – Wed, 05/03/2006 – 6:45am


3 Responses to “Strange Responses to God’s Plan”

  1. Anonymous said

    certainly you didn’t mean mine was strange.

    But the illogic in that thread grows to a mind-numbing, painful nadir of nihilism. It’s hard.


  2. Ergo Sum said

    No, Protagonist, not yours.

    I’m boggled by the insanity out there! Like this one eg.:

    SnoopyDaniel says –
    “On the one hand you claim there is no God, and on the other you decry the “immorality” of our immigration laws. You can’t have it both ways. Either there are morals, and therefore a God, or there is no God and consequently no morals.”

    Ha! Good God save me!

  3. Sinus said

    I think that you have merrily drawn your own conclusions here, ERGO, they may be incorrect!! i will consult that book they call the Bible before getting back to you, clearly you havent!

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