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An Era Begins

Posted by Jerry on April 22, 2006

My life has just begun a new era; it has taken a significant turn, dividing my adult life into 2 categories: the period of Enlightenment (my 7 years in the United States), and now the dark ages. If that sounds too dramatic to you, trust me it isn’t. I couldn’t give a more apt description.

I have very little desire to talk about India; it is overwhelming in many ways. I mostly feel a mix of emotions every time I step outside my home – sympathy for the poor masses, anger at the socialist government and its policies, disgust at the lack of common civil sense among most Indians, and some wishful hope in the crawling pace of progress in this country.

The other day when I visited the downtown area of Mumbai and saw some of the few and new high-rises that have been erected here, I felt a real visceral emotion, like that of freedom for a prisoner, or like a gasp of fresh air. I became fully salient of the tremendous importance of one’s surroundings; the expressions of human greatness in physical, concrete structures in one’s environment serves significantly in boosting one’s own sense of efficacy, esteem, and purpose. They serve as reminders of all that is possible and achievable, as motivation to strive for one’s own personal excellence.

Progress in India is noticeable, though it is noticeably at a snail’s pace. As an example: for a country known around the world as a forerunner in Information Technology, it took me more than 15 days to have my home computer wired to the Internet. The only two largest ISP’s in India are both government-owned, and they require long application and approval processes. The other smaller, private ISP’s are also required by law to use the government-owned Internet Gateway protocols. So it’s pointless in subscribing to private ISP’s if you can get the same thing from the government.

Moreover, the concept of wireless surfing is practically non-existent here.

There is a consistent ideology in manifestation here in India; it is in the behavior of the people, in their rituals, their traditions and in their institutions. At some point, I may be able to write about my observations and analysis in more detail, but for now I’ll only say that there is a consistent practice of “faith and force” in practically all spheres of Indian interactions – from Indian hospitality, frienship and relationships to the Indian economy, media and government.


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  1. I am glad to see you posting again!

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