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Hating Men and Praising God

Posted by Jerry on March 20, 2006

I was watching American Inventor a few days ago. I liked the show because it is among the very few ones on TV that proudly and guiltlessly claims its purpose as encouraging and rewarding the genius thinking minds that produce and view the materials of this world in a way that no one else does. It recognizes ability and innovativeness and rewards it for that sake. In the same token, the show also openly critizes and insults many ideas for their mediocrity and downright stupidity. There is no shame, no apology, no guilt in any of that. The purpose is to find the BEST, and nothing less will do.

On the other hand, I am disgusted by shows like The Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, where the more hopelessly pathetic your existence is, the more likely you will be rewarded with a wonderful home makeover. To me this show represents so much that I despise about the culture of altruism and self-sacrifice. The recipients of the makeover get rewarded not for their ability but for their inabilities, not for their genius, but for their failings, for their stagnancy. They not only breed on the productive capacities of others, but resort to some kind of superior legitimacy over the producers by virtue of their incapacities – that is one of the evil sides of altruism.

And ultimately, the height of injustice comes about when these owners of free, new homes go about the streets yelling the praises of the Lord. They fling their hands out and cry out their thanks and gratitude to some mystic deity. It is the worst display of parasitism. These people will never once recognize and utter the glory of man that makes all their wonderful homes possible, but the moment there is a disaster, and unfortunate calamity, a little mishap they pounce of the men of ability and attempt to break their working spines. They are quick to blame the engineers of a bridge that collapsed for whatever reason, but when that bridge was being built, they praised the wonder of God working through the minds of men. They are quick to denounce the businesses that provide food, oil, and jobs as evil profiteers, but in the same breath they praise God for their good fortunes and the food they serve at their table everyday.

Men have to make the houses so that these people can yell the wonders of God. If their God were only so wonderful, why wouldn’t He come down Himself and build the homes for the faithful?

When there is something praiseworthy, it is directed to some mystical higher power (humans couldn’t possibly perform acts deserving of such praise, they assume). When there is something blameworthy, there aren’t enough men around to place to blame upon.


One Response to “Hating Men and Praising God”

  1. To freakin true! I was raised on this mentality, that all good was form God and all evil or bad things were the fault of people only (or Satan, depending on how bad it was…)

    And I stopped watching that Home Makeover show after two episodes only becuase of the mentality behind it–that this one family, because they have a sob story and give mouth-to-mouth to brain-dead chickens, deserves a brand-new house, seven 100″ televisions, six refrigerator’s, and a parking garage–but everyone else that applied, even though we could just hand you all the money we’re shelling out to video this one house-building, and it could help six hundred times the people, don’t deserve one.

    I know, I know, TV ratings are the reasoning, but to hide behind the facade of helping less fortunate’s… I dunno, it strikes a chord deep in me of wrongness…

    Onward to Utopia (or, as a christian owuld put it, Armagedon)!


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