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The “Bombing” Times of India

Posted by Jerry on March 11, 2006

Explosives Found in Mumbai Railway Station” – Times of India, March 11, 2006.

Here are some pictures of that bomb that was defused safely.

Another possible terrorist attack on Goa was foiled “with the arrest of a militant with explosives, including one [kilogram] of RDX, and firearms from Margoa railway station, 30 km from Panaji [state capital].

These events come only a few days after the Varanasi bombings.

🙂 India beckons.


2 Responses to “The “Bombing” Times of India”

  1. innommable said

    oh my!

  2. Every moment, we had Truth at our doorstep, constantly pounding on our barriers; but, our walls were strong, and reinforced with this infinitely intense thing called emotion…We had tangled our minds beyond recognition with the hope that Truth would kick the door in and straighten us out…

    Some of us…some…opened the door at the sound of Its approach; having spent our waking life in effort to untangle those knots ourselves, we were ready and waiting, holding our emotion in order that we may celebrate the Fact, the Truth, the Moment; and, we moved on from there, knowing we’d be ecstatic to greet the Truth again tomorrow…

    I just got back to your reply on Sartre; which, was good, of course…and, I agree with you; the mystical descriptions, i believe, are meant for things like poetry (though I fall into the trap myself at times, still)…

    what i’m most impressed with about objectivism is its ability to inspire action and thought; its ability to empower and inspire just cause in living…make sense?

    without going into a lot of detail; i’ll just say that my casual readings over at TOC have “filled me up,” with the power i needed to act on my morals…for the last two years or so, i allowed stressful events to basically beat my “spirit” down to the point where i was more at the whim of the collective than in control of my enviornment myself…that’s not to say that negatives have not been created due to my renewal of confidence; it is however, an effort to say that I’ve been perfectly content accepting reality as is, and more than willing to face each day with a renewed sense of purpose…

    I generally seek some semblence of balance in my life and philosophy; and, again, to try to be brief, i was far too selfless with my philosophy and actions previous to reading up on rand and objectivism…i guess it could be said that i’m now in the process of balancing the two extremes and manifesting thought as action…

    take your beggar post, for example; in many ways i agree with you, especially as regards the underlying feelings about the topic…

    however, i generally believe that, in most cases, there are a lot of external variables in a homeless person’s life that helped to lead them to that station…of course, on the flip side, because i’ve overcome a lot of obstacles myself, i want to see them rise up, so to speak…

    years ago, i used to be the type to give my last $20 to the bum on the corner in downtown cinncinnati; after being awakened to the fact that the fuckers were probably spending it on booze, i changed my approach…of course, i realize that i probably made no difference, but, instead of tossing money, i started taking the lazy fucks out to lunch so that i could talk to them and make an effort to “get through.”

    i’ve done this three times in the last 7 years; same thing every time:

    i listen to their horror story

    attempt to empathize

    attempt to inspire action

    perhaps even this is too generous; but, i still feel that it would be better for ALL involved, myself, society, and the lazy bum, if the fucker actually took the advice and got a job…i can’t help but feel morally obligated to make some effort to get through; even if I KNOW that only 1% of these jagoffs will change, it seems that the benefits for society are greater than the 10 minutes of time i personally give in an effort to motivate action…

    but, you’re entirely right, America is not perfect; but, opportunity abounds, and to ignore that fact is to give up any semblence of control over self, which is pathetic…

    food banks abound, there is free food everywhere, free shelter, free clothes, free education (if you know how to find it)…and, it’s disgusting and amazing that so many people don’t utilize the resources they have right in front of them…

    oh well…fuckit…let the chips fall where they may…

    peace n good day n shit!


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