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Beggars Deserve Worse Than What They Get

Posted by Jerry on March 11, 2006

I have utter disdain for the beggars in the United States. If I could think of more appropriate words to describe the true depths of spite I have for those creatures, I would use them. My hatred for beggars is so great that sometimes in my utter contempt for them I wish to throw them a dime or two to demonstrate their worth to me and to this world – but then I stop myself because even a dime is too generous and too precious. In fact, even a momentary pause to contemplate the act of giving them anything is enough generosity already. Furthermore, it would be an insult to the sanctity and value of money, and to the virtue of producers that produce the money to hurl it at a beggar even if it is out of spite.

My de facto position is this: one cannot possibly be an utterly helpless beggars on the street in a country like America. Given where I am from, I have seen men steal pieces of bread from the mouth of dogs – and no, that is not an exaggeration – I did see that once.

In a country like the United States, being a beggar and claiming utter helplessness for one’s fate is dishonesty of the most contemptible form. It is worse if the beggar is an able-bodied person. There are men and women with disabilities who have achieved far more than many of us will ever achieve. I understand different people have different levels of capabilities that might permit differing standards of achievement. Regardless, the point is that utter metaphysical helplessness is not possible to a free man in a society that allows for alternatives and self-autonomy. The helplessness one succumbs to is of one’s own psychological weakness – or downright lethargic evilness.

When I see a beggar on the streets of Chicago here with some lousy sign like “I’m just hungry”, I typically don’t give them any thought at that moment. However, I wish I could be able to muster at least the effort to give them a spiteful look or kick their can of coins out of my way – though, of course, all of that is to ask too much of my mind for such low-lives as them.

I am thinking of beggars right now only because it suddenly struck me – and shocked me – that they have the gall to proudly and shamelessly flaunt their worthlessness when what they fundamentally possess is something I so deeply desire and wish I could have. They are citizens of the United States! They have fundamentally all that I only wish I could have – and what I should rightfully possess! So, how dare they exist as worms and force the responsibility of their existence upon the rest of us! If only I had what they have. If only I could be allowed to live in this country and be permitted access to everything this country has to offer – oh how I would prosper! These beggars really have no excuse. There is always a farm somewhere that could need extra hands to harvest the crops. There certainly is a pig-pen somewhere that might need to be cleaned and tended. There definitely is a fast-food joint somewhere in this huge country that needs someone to clean its toilets.

You’re hungry? Go earn your burger! You have the right to do it. I don’t!


5 Responses to “Beggars Deserve Worse Than What They Get”

  1. Tyrel said

    I was just thinking about this very same thing. Last night and the week before I saw people handing out food in Boystown!! It would definitely be easier for me to understand if they were handing out food in some poor neighborhood….but Boystown, puh-lease. How dare they stand on the corner acting as if they are doing some great and noble deed.

  2. Tyrel said

    P.S. What’s going on with the poetry? It’s been quite some time since you last wrote anything. Do we need to get together so I can inspire you?! Jk

  3. Ergo Sum said

    Hey, even the homo hobo’s gotta eat! Don’t be hatin’ them!

  4. Ergo Sum said

    About poetry, ugh. You should not want me to write “poetry” when I’m in the state that I am… I could promise you nothing more than bile and filth. Eeuk! I’ll spare us all the trauma.

    P.S. Go re-read some of the ones that I’ve written already! They should keep you happy for a while. 😉 I know I love re-reading my works, and I take delight in them.

  5. Bile and filth can be very entertaining.

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