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The Date Has Been Set

Posted by Jerry on March 3, 2006

According to Objectivist politics of laissez-faire capitalism, the government has no right to dictate the goals, values, and interests of its people. A government cannot command or even request its citizens to pursue certain goals and sacrifice others, give up certain values or embrace others, or suppress your own interests for the interests of others. The role of the government is merely to police the law and order of the country, protect the rights of the individuals, and provide security from violence or threats.

Rand said that we give government the legal monopoly on force to commit those acts in our name that if undertaken by any other individual or insitution, would be a criminal act. Why do we give the government such a monopoly? Among other things, to ensure the objectivity of the standards of law, avoid conflicts of interest, and protect individuals pursuing their own values freely.

Thus, it can be clearly understood that under a rational rule of law where the ethics of self-interest and laissez-faire capitalism are the standard, there will never be any conflicts of interest among rational individuals or between them and the government, because given the proper conceptual understanding of sacrifice, none shall be demanded or required from anybody.

However, America is not laissez-faire. Nor does it function consistently on the ethics of self-interest. Therefore, in such a system, some people will inevitably and unavoidably have to sacrifice their own selves and their values. In such a system, conflicts are a logical outgrowth of the contradictory practices of mixed premises.

Therefore, in America some groups of people have the right to pursue their own happiness in the form of marriage with their chosen partners, and some groups are denied that right. Some groups of people are afforded unearned or undeserved access to opportunities in labor, career, education, social services, food, minimum wages, etc. while some groups are not.

These are instances of the values that some are forced to sacrifice while others are allowed to possess without much or any effort. The accidental situation of one’s birth in America opens virtually unlimited access and opportunities to them regardless of their indolence or true merits. The arbitrary granting of the right to pursue one’s own values based upon a metaphysical accident of nature is the standard of law in this country by which all are forcibly treated equal – the productive, the creative, the ingenius, the deserving, are degraded to a level equal to the slothful, the parasitic, the lazy, the dishonest, the criminal.

Such is the imminence I am personally facing: the upcoming date which has been set for the execution of my values. Sixty days from today the United States government will demand that I sacrifice my self-interests and leave this country. I will comply because under force I have no choice. Staying on in this country and being branded as “illegal” would be a worse attack on my liberty and values, the consequences of which I will be forced to bear indefinitely into the long-term future. There is no choice between alternatives that are forced upon me and both of which result in self-sacrifice either way.

Sixty days.


3 Responses to “The Date Has Been Set”

  1. I’m sorry. That’s horrible.

  2. Ergo Sum said

    It is. It’s hard for me to shrug of this sense of resignation. There really isn’t much in my hands that I can do.

  3. Aethlos said

    so you’re going where? India? I lived in india… it’s a gorgeous country. But i was horrified about the bombs in varanasi today… argh.–>

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