Reason as the Leading Motive

We Exist. Therefore, God Does Not.

Posted by Jerry on February 15, 2006

[Warningplease leave your rational faculties on the chair next to you. You will not need to use any reason or logic in this case]

Why are we here? Why did God create us? Why did God create anything at all?? If God is understood to be outside of time and existence, transcending this Universe, then God must have brought existence into existence and thus created a “beginning” of time and Universe. So, before the “bringing into existence of existence”, God must have existed in and among non-existence. So, existing in non-existence and being the sole existent must feel awfully lonely. But that cannot be the case because God is Supremely satisfied, content, and exists in an infinite state of perfection and completeness.
So, God cannot be lonely.
So, having some companionship could not be the reason God created existence.
Maybe God wanted His ego to be stroked? Maybe God needed some supernatural creatures like Angels and some lowly creatures like Humans and animals to recognize Him as Almighty and worship His magnanimity?
But does it make any sense to think that God “needed” something? Anything? Does God ever “need”? Maybe God needs love. We all need some lovin’ at some point in our lives. Maybe God wants (needs?) someone to love and love Him back, so he created us and all the creatures of the heavens.
I think it could also be argued that God does not just “need” us to love Him, but demands that we love Him – or else we will suffer eternal damnation in hell for scorning Him. Certainly, just like anyone else, even God does not wish to be a scorned lover; and He takes it very personally if He is scorned by anyone.

So, it seems like because we exist, and because Existence exists, and because creation of Existence implies a beginning of time, God must have had some reason/need/motive to bring existence into existence and begin the flow of time. Well, that raises another question: what was God doing “before” He got the impluse to create time and existence? Furthermore, in His infinite Intelligence, what was His Divine purpose to bring Human Beings INTO existence as mortal beings, and then bestow upon us immortality AFTER fatality, to be spent either in eternal suffering or eternal bliss? (In light of this point, read my previous post “God’s Original Plan for Humanity” for further interesting insights into God’s behavior).

Some believe that we have never gone “in and out” of existence – that we have always existed with God forever in eternity. I suppose that makes us all the “Alpha and Omega” the “immortal, eternal spirit” – terms usually reserved only for God. In that case, what is God’s Intelligent design behind forcing our immortal selves to take on the garb of mortality, live on this earth, suffer disease and disaster, experience anguish, pain, joy and exuberance, only in the end of it all to “die” and return back to our immortal selves and then be banished into hell for eternity or taken up into heaven? What’s all this drama about? Is all the world a stage and our lives a play for God’s voyeuristic pleasure?

There is another way to look at all this: because we exist, because Existence exists, and because creation of Existence implies a beginning of time while acting outside of time and existence, God can not exist and must necessarily not exist. In other words, the fact that we exist proves that God cannot exist.

Either that is true, or the God-concept will need to undergo inherently drastic, almost diametrically opposite, changes in its meaning – God will need to be understood as frail, jealous, narcissistic, bored, lonely, egotistic, evil, voyeuristic, capricious, whimsical, irrational, capable of sinning, angry, etc.

4 Responses to “We Exist. Therefore, God Does Not.”

  1. I love it! I wish my brain worked like yours soemtimes…. But hence, individualism…


  2. Ergo Sum said

    Thanks, JT! 🙂

  3. Anonymous said

  4. […] The most simple proof against the existence of god is this: Because we exist, because existence exists, God cannot possibly […]

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