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New Boy Band Artist Makes Trip to India

Posted by Jerry on February 13, 2006

So, the next big thing in the boy band music scene could most likely be “Dormant Light“, an awesome group of boys with some good alternative/hardrock music. I believe they even have a crazy fan-following, with groupies et al at their performances.

Dormant Light is the brainchild of my good old friend Curtis Bard who I went to college with me in Hanover, Indiana. Knowing Curtis for many years and having listened to his music firsthand – from development stages to completed works – I can attest to the superb quality of his creations. I think he makes a good-faith effort to add layers of complexities to his music and challenge his artistic capabilities. That might probably be the reason why he dislikes minimalist music. His music reveals his penchant to experiment with unusual musical combinations, eastern and mediterranean sounds, and a variety of musical instruments.

He was also a member of an a capella singing group while in college. Certainly, the ladies of Hanover flocked in droves to this crooning hunk! 😉

Well, recently, Curtis made a trip to India, and he had amassed close to a 100 pictures from the trip. In his email to me, he described the trip as: “- wow – it was AWESOME!!!! I loved it!!! really blew me away!” I intended to coax him into writing with a little more detail about his experiences in India and why he “loved it”. Hopefully, I will be able to post his little essay on here.

So check out Dormant Light. Buy one of their CD’s to sample their music. Once they shoot to stardom, you might be able to say that you are a proud owner of one of their earliest works! Also, check our Curtis’ pictures from his trip to India. (note: Curtis is a musician, not a photographer. So, pardon some of his more awkward and uncomposed pictures 😉


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