Reason as the Leading Motive

Forcing Morality Upon God

Posted by Jerry on February 6, 2006

In the context of all this violence that some Islamists justify as “holy” war, I am compelled to think from where do religious people get their morality? It seems to me that instead of making at least a pretense at claiming that their morality is derived from Divine revelation, these religious fundamentalists blatantly force upon their own God their very own concept of morality.
As if claiming an Omniscient knowledge*, they openly claim that “Allah is with them” or “God hates fags” or “God likes this but does not like that”, etc. etc. Instead of the “top-down” approach, they are engaged in a “bottom-up” approach. What they consider and deem as moral and good is what their God is now forced to accept. There is clearly no consenses among members of the same religion as to what their stance is on, say, abortion, gays, free speech, holy killing, capital punishement, etc.

All these arbitrary dictats on religious morality is why, some time ago, I had made the argument that an Atheist can (and does in many cases) have a higher sense of morality than even the most “moral” religious person.

I had argued that:

“a righteous and moral atheist has no supernatural or superphysical reason to be
moral and righteous. He or she is moral because s/he CHOSE to be moral out of
their own free will. The entire locus of morality is situated within their own
beings and arises from within themselves.”

*Omniscience is the problem also with Pascal’s wager argument that I hear so many people throw around… like as if believing in God is an insurance policy!


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