Reason as the Leading Motive


Posted by Jerry on February 3, 2006

I am so upset. My favorite boss is leaving in a couple weeks. This comes as a total shock to me. And I’m very very deeply saddened by it. It has been such a great working experience with her around. When I first heard the announcement at this morning’s department meeting, I wondered if its time for me to leave too. This is sad. She is leaving to go to one of our competitors.


2 Responses to “113899532545886414”

  1. Aethlos said

    sorry to hear that… hope there are some other cool people left.

  2. Ergo Sum said

    Actually, very few people that I can really be comfortable working with… I wouldn’t be surprised if they got up and left soon too. It’s a strange culture here… this corporate thing — such a thick facade, it’s incredible.

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