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CEO’s Making Too Much Money

Posted by Jerry on January 31, 2006

There has been much hoopla made about large corporation CEO’s having multi-million dollar salaries and benefits packages. I don’t see why not.

Before I begin to agree that CEO’s may be undeservedly making too much money, I need to be convinced of some good reasons why major sport athletes command multi-million dollar deals.

Given the role of an athlete and a CEO of a corporation, given their function as such in society, given the kinds of risks and rewards they play with, I need to be convinced that an athlete deserves all that money but a CEO does not.


3 Responses to “CEO’s Making Too Much Money”

  1. Aethlos said

    most CEOs are underpaid.

  2. Many professional athletes die at 50 and/or have wrecked bodies, sacrificed to the viewing pleasure of the public.

  3. Ergo Sum said

    The larger the risks, the larger the profits… right?
    I don’t like your use of the phrase “sacrificed to the viewing pleasure”… the last thing the athletes do is “sacrifice” for the public… there are millions of these athletes waiting for a chance to be among the pros, to get paid multi-million dollar deals, and ofcourse, wishing to end their lives with a wrecked body (the last, I’m not so sure they are consciously choosing that).
    Nevertheless, it’s clearly a very highly desired *choice* for many (all?) of them.

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