Reason as the Leading Motive

Dervishes In Words

Posted by Jerry on January 16, 2006

Recently, I gathered some of my creative writing works and placed them all in a blog of their own. I titled it “Dervishes In Words”, cuz that’s kinda how I think about creative writing. So, this post serves as an official Introduction to my new creative-writing blog. 🙂

Also, I was thinking of how my poems can be classified under different genres. For example, I have written “Feasting on Seconds” that can be understood as a dark poem in the genre of horror.
I’ve written a few light and Romantic poems, like “Your Eyes” and “Silhouette Romance“.
A Lover’s Death” could be classified under Melodrama or Tragedy – a “tear-jerker” of sorts.
Stolen Music” might be in a strangely unique category. I’m not sure where that would fit. Maybe a cross-blend of Romance and Suspense?

I also have some Erotica, believe it or not! Certainly, “Living Like Gods” and “I Jumped” could be considered “R-rated” works.

And then, I have a few others like “God was having Lunch at the Picasso” and “Mundane Morning Commute” that are just light, fun poems inspired by strangers that I’ve come across randomly only for a few moments that I decided to idolize them through my poetry. An homage of sorts – to man, beautiful men, in particular. 🙂
I suppose they could be classified as “Religious/Spiritual”!

There are many other works that I have not placed into Dervishes In Words. I have some reasons for doing that – mostly they have to do with my own disatisfaction with their artistic quality.


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