Reason as the Leading Motive

Thinking About Thoughts

Posted by Jerry on January 1, 2006

My best moments are when I am enjoying my own company. Like at this moment, alone in the midst of dischordant noise, chatter, muffled humms, and just my thoughts. Nothing gives me more pleasure that to grasp my mind thinking of things… the act of thinking is the most redeeming characteristic of humanity. That is what we should be – thinking beings. I ask myself, what do I think of? I'm almost always thinking of what I am at this stage in my life. What am I doing? Why am I doing it? What does it mean to me that I am doing this? These are typically the thoughts that crowd my mind in my moments of solitude.
It seems that I can never stop thinking.. I don't know if people/anyone could really stop thinking.. or not think, for a moment. If they can, I don't know how they do that.
Why is a thinking life – or as Socrates said – an examined life important? Why must one think? Why should I expend effort in abstract thoughts rather than enjoy the freedom of carelessness? Am I condemned to thoughts?

Freedom of carelessness — in what areas of life would one permit that carelessness to extend? Carelessness extended in one's productive life makes one a lazy parasite – sucking on the mental and/or physical efforts of others – it makes life stagnant. Carelessness extended in romantic life divorces values from love – you do not value the person you purport to care about. Carelessness in convictions makes you a weed willing to bend in the sway of any wind blowing your way – makes you a trash can open and accepting of any filth being thrown down into you – makes you a sorry excuse for a living being because your life is thrown away at the mercy of some whim, fancy, or fantasy. Carelessness in one's social interactions makes one irreverent to those whom honor is deserved, and unduly generous to those who should be despised.

Carelessness cannot and must not extend to any part of one's life. One must always remember, that morality functions because of and based upon reality – and hence, the moral is always also the practical. Deciphering the moral – and therfore, the practical, is a matter that one must be very careful about.

Hence, thinking… thinking is important. An examined life is a life well lived. It is a life as should be lived by a being whose essential attribute is that of a thinking being. Hence, a thinking being should live a life that proceeds from careful thinking.


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