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Cool Names

Posted by Jerry on December 14, 2005

I love these figure skater’s names….. and actually, I love figure skating itself – watching it, I mean.

Boitano ; Oksana Bayul ; Alexei Yagudin ; David Pelletier

I guess if I ever had kids — which is highly unlikely — I would name them something fun and unique like this. I would give them names that would make people ask them “Oh, are you Russian?” or “Oh, is your family french?”
I think the concept of culture-specific names is very strange… and passe, in my opinion. I enjoy the idea of having an Indian named Andrei Kiraskulov, as an example… or a country-American farm boy named Jardin Bornierre. 🙂

Ha! So fun!


5 Responses to “Cool Names”

  1. Gazoo said

    I agree, I would like to have my children named both Aztec names like Cuahetemoc or Tenoch as well as Hebrew names like Shiloh or Asher or an Irish name like Finnian.

  2. Ergo Sum said

    Woah! Those names! I can’t even begin to pronounce them!
    It’s like… I look at it, and my brain so “beeeeeeeeep” 😉

  3. Gazoo said

    Yeah, I guess I should consider my kids would probably hate me forever for giving them such names.

  4. Lovely names, all. I can just imagine, Gazoo… Cuahetemoc Shiloh Gutierrez. Rolls trippingly off the tongue, eh? And ergo, how about Sergei Pamplemousse Patel?

  5. Ergo Sum said

    Oooo! I LIKE Sergei Patel! Now that’s cool… Though, not for an Indian… that would be, again, too culture specific for my liking. So Sergei Patel for a Swede, yea?

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