Reason as the Leading Motive

This Blog is Still DEAD

Posted by Jerry on October 20, 2005

I haven’t officially revived this blog yet. When I do, I will make it explicitly clear. So, for now… it’s still dead. Move on people!! 😉


7 Responses to “This Blog is Still DEAD”

  1. Tyrel said

    Well, he lasted two days without a post! I guess you won the bet semperviva…you know him better than me!!

  2. Semperviva said

    LOL exactly! damn…2 days! we should have known better… HAHAHA- i like how, NOW, this time, its “officially” dead, say i told a guy i loved him and then 2 days later, “I actually officially love u”- its just wrecks credability HEHEHE lol i’d be worried …

  3. Semperviva said


  4. Semperviva said

    how fucking pretentious-

    “move on people” ??????
    HHAHAHHAAHAAA whatever…

    “cogito comprendo sim”

  5. Ergo Sum said

    HAHahhaa!! LOL!! You people are CRAZZZZYYY! Haha!

    Whatever!!! Such CRAZY COMMOTION!!Damn! It’s ONLY a dead blod! It ain’t nothing more! MOVE ON people!!! DAMN!

  6. Ergo Sum said

    That TY kid needs some good ‘spanking’! 😉 lol!! He’s gettting really NAUGHTY with me these days!

  7. Semperviva said

    ITS NOT DEAD, thats the thing… the fact that u are still commenting makes it not dead LOL it seems to me someone is engaged in intellectual logic NOT rational reasoning in repeatedly insisting that this blog is dead- MWAHAHAHAHAHA

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