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My New Theory: God and Art

Posted by Jerry on October 11, 2005

I think the excerpt below from my lengthy discussion of the evolution of Art is, I have inadvertently come to realize, a uniquely new theory. This hypothesis I have put forward can be a worthy subject for a doctoral dissertation! Hence, I decided to isolate it specifically below, to bring that most important point of the theory into focus:

This self-identification with God Himself allowed Humans to perceive the
Universe with the Intelligence that was only thought possibile to gods.
Primitive man did not understand the Universe nor did they seek much to
understand it. They merely bowed their heads and worshipped it.
The consequence of the Christian movement was to elevate man’s pride in being Human, and thus seek to perceive the world as God would.

In what was truly man’s greatest act of conceit, he captured all the greatest notions of his God and manifested that in the body of ONE HUMAN BEING, which meant that the Human body was idealized to
withhold the essence of the fully Divine.

The representations in the Art forms that resulted from such a boost of human ego, I believe, captured that human-divine idealization, which also spurred the nourishment of the Human consciousness that was pulled to elevated levels of aspirations, which increased the level of our own assessment of worth and intelligence and esteem… finally, resulting in the amazing and enlightening evidences of human genius in other spheres of science and philosophy.


2 Responses to “My New Theory: God and Art”

  1. Ergo Sum said

    I notice it might seem like I am contradicting myself when I say here that one of the consequences of the christian movement was that it elevated the human status – being as worthy and capable of subsuming the essence of God in a human being — i.e. a human was fully God and fully human at the same time.

    That might seem to contradict all the various times when I’ve said that one of the chief characteristics of a religion like Christianity is to supress, condemn, and degrade the Human ego as being utterly unworthy and insignificant before the eyes of God. That modesty, humility, worthlessness are virtues praised by such religions… that lack of ego, lack of self-identity, lack of any self (losing one’s self in the consuming spirit of God) is a value to be desired.

    Anyway, I just want to make it clear that there is infact no contradiction in both of those views. Taken in the right contexts of what I am speaking about, both are accurate and applicable.

  2. innommable said

    Oh I totally agree!

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