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Neanderthal Driving

Posted by Jerry on September 26, 2005

The other day (and in many days in the past) I have brought up the topic of how we are still so primitive in many ways despite our huge advances in technology. One area specifically is that of driving motor vehicles.
I find the fact that we are still driving cars to be quite an astonishingly primitive sort of behavior to do, almost like harkening back to the cave-man ages! Ofcourse, they didn’t have cars to drive around at that time, but my point here is not about the specifics of driving, but of the fact that we are STILL DRIVING, still HANDLING, still DIRECTING these huge machines!

I think the technology is there but we just don’t seem to use them. I believe that driving cars should be a thing of the past. The vehicle of today should be able to drive itself. With enough information, tools, and resources, I think a modern car today should be able to direct itself from one point to another with very little or no human supervision necessary.

People should be able to get into their vehicles and read their morning newspapers, for example. For have breakfast/lunch/dinner, etc. while on the move. Or be able to hold meetings in their vehicles. Whatever it may be, I think humans should be free of the burden of having to drive their vehicles.

We already have GPS navigation sytems and maps installed in cars; that should take care of routing and mapping. We have cruise control, brake assists, front & rear cameras, etc…. that should allow the car to navigate well in traffic. We also already have technology that guages and measures all kinds of things in the car, like gas, air-pressure, oil levels, etc. So, the car should be able to intelligent jugdments of its own on what it needs when and where to go get it.

Also, I think, tiny magnetic strips could be placed on the white lane dividers/markers, and a opposite charge magnet sensor should be placed under cars. This would guide and alert the vehicles on whether they are staying within their lanes, or when they make lane changes to calculate number of lanes being crossed, etc.
Also, roads could come fitted with electronic or low-frequency pulsars that could act as mile-markers and landmark identifiers.
Some public-transit buses already have that technology where it senses the upcoming bus-stops and announces it on the bus.
So, here, instead of announcing it, why not have the vehicle decide for itself based on that information, where it is going and where it needs to go, and how far it has come, and whether or not it is lost.
And with voice-activated controls, people can simply speak pithy directions into the computer to specifically direct or over-ride instructions to control the car and navigation.

Yea, so I think steering wheels should be a thing of the past. Drivers sitting and staring out of their front windshields should be a thing of the past. I can’t believe we are still stuck doing all those things.


7 Responses to “Neanderthal Driving”

  1. i like driving, tho

  2. Ergo Sum said

    Ya know… I like driving too! And maybe that’s why this technology hasn’t come around yet.. this self-driven cars. Too many people actually like the experience of learning how to drive, and having road-trips, etc.

    But I think the option should atleast exist. I think foldable steering wheels that can be stowed away when not wanted can give that option of manual driving vs self-driven.

  3. lol, ok thats a plan!

  4. Anonymous said

    Think of the cost, man !!
    Think of the deficit …

    Alan Greenspan

  5. Ergo Sum said

    Hahaha! I love that anonymous comment!! 😉

    Hi Mr. Greenspan! 😉 Thanks for visiting my “humble” blog!

  6. innommable said

    Yeah, I remember you telling me about this idea… and I think it’s very very doable… but y’all are right… if one didn’t have to drive, what fun is that??? I love maneuvering my family’s Ford Windstar on the highway and yelling out loud, “I’M GONNA DIE!!!!” whenever I’m caught between to giant semis!

    Talk about a rush!


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