Reason as the Leading Motive

Sept. 19, 2005: Thought of the Day

Posted by Jerry on September 19, 2005

I wish I could express the urgency and frenzy with which I meet every day of my life — And this is not fully apparent in my external demeanor. It is locked up inside my mind, floating only in my thoughts. Infact, part of the reason I can’t express it outside is because I understand how clearly futile, inadequate, and almost insulting that physical expression would be to the awesomeness and reverence I feel for life and for the human ingenuity. This world I’m living in is SO AMAZINGLY fascinating and incredible, and the best part is, this is just the beginning! The foundation has been layed for generations of more baffling, awe-inspiring, ingenius realizations of ideas.
How can one go through life wanting to rush through it so they can reach some mystical place after they have died? How can they be so blind to the WONDERS of this real world (all the suffering and pain notwithstanding) in the pure fanciful hope that there is another world more marvellous than this waiting for them, if there is infact such a world!?
I think it is such a waste of human life — those lives that are lived in abdication of wordly pleasures, those lives that are ‘sacrificed’ for the attainment of a “pass” to the other mystical world. Such a waste. An incredible wast.
I feel only a true atheist can fully marvel at the miracle called “life” and the incredible job our lives have done with this world.

So, here’s my thought of the day:

“There can be nothing more barbaric than to despise the human mind for what it is and to abdicate all desires to enjoy the fruits of that mind. Any creed promoting such abdication is the true enemy of humans and of productive life in this world.”
— Ergo Sum


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