Reason as the Leading Motive

Atheists Do Not Exist

Posted by Jerry on September 19, 2005

When I came across this post below, I just smiled. Its attempt at logical reasoning is amusing! 🙂

Over the course of time, one is going to run
into an atheist from time to
time. If you are the type to discuss such things
with them, there is a very
simple argument that will prove that it is impossible
to logically be an
atheist. This is assuming that the person in question is
stating that there
is no God, as a 100% fact. This is the only true form of
atheism. I know
there is a God. A person approaches me and states that there is
no God. This
is basically what they are saying. There is a painting. Each person is able to
see 1% of the painting. Person A sees their 1% and sees a tree. They
turn to
the other person and say, “there is a tree on this painting.” The other
person looks at the painting and sees a vast ocean, with no land in site.
reply, “There is no tree on this painting.” Instantly they are making
statement that over 100% of that painting, there is not one tree. The
person who
saw the tree is only saying that on the 1% of the painting that
they can see,
there is a tree. In order for someone to say that there isn’t
a true, they would
have to know 100% of the painting. Now the universe is
vast and in 100 years, we
only can know a microscopic portion of it.
However, if in my portion that I do
know, I encounter a God, I can state
with 100% assurity that there is a God. Now
the other person, in order to
state that there is no God, would have to know
100% of the whole universe to
state that there is no God in it. Since this is
impossible, it is impossible
for him to truely state that. Since all he can say
is, “As far as I know,
there is no God.” he is not a true atheist. Therefore,
true athiests don’t

Okay, so… a few things to point out in the above argument. A person looking at a painting (presumably, the atheist) does not say that there is NO tree… according to the analogy, the person should say that all he sees are landscapes and oceans. Anyway, the point is, the analogy is incompatible with the logic of a true atheist. An atheist does not say “there is NO God because I don’t SEE one”, what the atheist says is: “given concept ‘God’, it is a contradiction to hold such concepts of “God” with other concepts like “morals” and “reason” given the world we have and the system of logic the way it is.”
In other words, it is not that we say “a tree does not exist”, what we say is “if a tree should exist, it should look like one, feel like one, be consistent in its nature as a tree, and the painting should make sense with the tree as a part of it.”
Obviously, the analogy given is highly inadequate to describe the issue of God and atheism.Incidentally, while we are on the topic of atheism, I do have a problem with the courts deciding that the mention of “God” in public schools is unconstitutional. Infact, I feel that their having taken away the right of someone to mention “God” is against the right of free speech.


6 Responses to “Atheists Do Not Exist”

  1. jazz said

    nobody is taking away anyone’s right to talk about god in school. courts are holding that a school can’t FORCE you to talk about god in school.

    you’re seeing the issue backwards.

  2. jazz said

    still not right. if you want to argue, send an e-mail. i’m not going to have this discussion in my blog comment section where it doesn’t relate.

    you can still say “god” in school. two students are absolutely allowed to have a conversation about god whenever there is free time for discussion between students. i see no first amendment violation here.

    people more qualified than either of us (unles you’re a cir.ct. judge) believe the “choosing” option didn’t respect seperation clause.

  3. seperation of church and state is regarding specific religions and not mention of God!!!!! anyone who has read the founding fathers knows that to say no mention of GOd is allowed is a perversion of what what orignally meant by “seperation of church and state”

  4. hi ergo its me, sasca, btw, lol

  5. Ergo Sum said

    Oh God! What happened to Just An Ordinary Girl!?!

  6. Ergo Sum said

    Jazz, DUH! Obviously kids can have a CONVERSATION about WHATEVER THE HECK THEY WANT! That’s such a “DUH” point, I don’t see why you have to mention it.

    Anyway, the issue here is the sanctioning of “God” under the Pledge which students in public schools USED TO HAVE A CHOICE about, in whether to recite it or not.
    Now, that CHOICE does not exist. It’s plain and simple.
    Voluntary choice existed.
    Voluntary choice now does not exist.

    Student could OPT OUT of reciting the Pledge with the word “God” in it.
    Now, students (all students) are forbidden BY LAW to utter the word “God” under the Pledge of Allegiance. The choice to opt out has no meaning anymore. The RIGHT to say what you pledge your allegiance to and under has no meaning anymore.
    Now, the version of the Pledge will be handed out by an authoritarian court who shall dictate the words of speech these kids will speak in school.
    Speaking certain words (i.e. saying “God”) is now forbidden and banned.

    Also, none of us need be “qualified” legal professionals to clearly talk about such obviously societal issues. Going by your logic, no one could talk about Art except for Art critics and Artists, no one could talk about Sports except Athletes and Sport Commentators… etc. etc.

    ALso, Calabrizella (whatever that name means) has a good point. The wording is “separation of CHURCH and State”… as in, separation of instituted religion and instituted government… as in, separation of Religious Establishment and Political Establishments…
    It does not mean separation of concept “God” and state.

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