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Paradox of Design and Designer

Posted by Jerry on September 13, 2005

Intelligent Design being the most stupidest idea ever, notwithstanding, there’s another slightly nuanced inconsistent issue that needs to be revealed.
While many scientists might reject Intelligent Design “theory” in favor of evolution, many of them do not necessarily reject the idea of an Intelligent Designer, a.k.a. God existing and having desgined the Universe.

I find this to be a very unique paradox: on the one hand people would like to think that Intelligent Design is not an explanation of the way things are, and on the other hand, they believe that God exists and has created this world.

It would seem to me that if God does indeed exist, and supremely Intelligent that God is, God would likewise create something (this Universe) in a very Intelligent and marvellous manner.
Yet, if you reject the “intelligent” character of the way things are, then you are in effect saying that God created chaotic elements and allowed it to have its own way.

Well, that latter part does not quite fit well with concepts of Omniscience, Omnipotence, etc… nor does it fit will be biblical notions of God and stories about Jesus pre-ordained to come to the Earth (assuming you believe all these things).

To me, the only consistent position in this matter would be to REJECT equally Intelligent Design and Intelligent Designer. I have talked about this concept in my previous posts titled “Artificial Intelligence” and “Hero Worship” on my blog.


2 Responses to “Paradox of Design and Designer”

  1. you put ID down as “theory”

    and i am not defending either idea since i am not of one stance or the other

    and yet evolution is also a theory

    yet you only emphasize the theoretical aspect of ID theory and how stupid it is

    that is irrational

  2. Ergo Sum said

    Actually, I don’t even consider ID a theory, really. Isn’t a theory something that can be validated through scientific methods?
    Evolution lends itself to the possibility of getting INCREASING validation through scientific means (it already has plenty of strong physical evidence to support the theory)…

    I’m not sure ID can ever be validated through science because ID requires the existence of God… and how many people believe God can be validated through science? I know I do… only if God were to exist. Hmm… but if science does not take a stance on the existence of God, nor does it really investigate such theological matters, should ID also fall under that category of “God-derived” belief.. therefore theological belief… not really scientific theory?

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