Reason as the Leading Motive

Greed is Good

Posted by Jerry on September 12, 2005

“It is precisely the ‘greed’ of the businessman or, more appropriately, his profit-seeking [motive], which is the unexcelled protector of the consumer.”
— Alan Greenspan


2 Responses to “Greed is Good”

  1. innommable said

    Consume, consume, consume!

  2. LFT said

    Hi there,

    Just wanted to know your opinions on Greed.

    If all were free and individual enterprise the temple, with profit motive the only religion, would evils like exploitation and greed exist? Or by calling them evil I am displaying a bias towards a moral precondition?

    Would love to get your thots, unless you have already written on this – then please guide me there.


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