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Hero Worship

Posted by Jerry on September 8, 2005

So, I simply cannot express how serious and sincere I am about this. When I say, I revere Einstein as my GREATEST HERO — though, I have some close contenders, but still none that can beat Einstein — I am NOT stating a hyperbole.

Recently, I’ve been reading more and more about Einstein, his life, his works, his ideas, etc… and my admiration for him just keeps increasing exponentially! (hmm, interesting use of a mathematical term there. Very appropriate in this context, I think!)

Ya know.. the nature of ideas this man came up with — he perceived them like no one else before him had done before!
People who talk about “Intelligent Design” in the Universe are clearly blind to the reality of this world. In Newtonian times, those “Intelligent Design” -ers would have made the same argument, saying that everything makes so much sense… Newton had discovered the beautiful Intelligence of this Universe, the works of an Intelligent Designer are so evident in the logical causality of this Universe….
Then along comes Einstein, and he turns some very crucial Newtonian ideas on its head. One for example, that TIME is NOT an Absolute as Newton thought it was, Space is not made of a continuoud medium called ether, that Gravity is not an actually existing force, causes and effects are not always so readily apparent, that reductionism may not always give you a clear understanding of the whole…

Einstein’s theories of relativity inspired a whole culture of relativism in almost all aspects of life (though, clearly Einstein was against such relativism)… and now, even now… the Intelligent Designers believe they see such beautiful design in the Universe.

I’m confused as to which “design” they now subscribe to, to Newtonian, Einsteinian, or the recent chaotic Quantum? It’s funny how with every new achievement in our understanding of the Universe made possible by the ingenuity of the Human brain, there are people who ascribe all the credit of that understanding to some vague “Designer” even whose name and identity they are afraid to confess!

It boggles my mind when I try to understand those mystics who would prefer to feed off of the scientific understandings of this world inorder to pursue their own mystical agendas of supernatural realms! How can people not realize that with every major paradigm shift in our perspective of the Universe — whether it be from Newtonian physics of determinacy to Einsteinian physics of relativity to Quantum physics of indeterminacy and potentialities, IT IS NOT THE UNIVERSE THAT HAS CHANGED AND REVEALED TO US A NEWER MORE “INTELLIGENT DESIGN”, RATHER IT IS OUR OWN HUMAN MIND CHANGING AND CONFORMING ITSELF TO THE IDENTITY AND REALITY OF THE UNIVERSE THAT EXISTS AS IS! THUS, THE INTELLIGENCE OBSERVED IS OUR OWN GRASPING OF THE NATURE OF THE UNIVERSE, NOT ANY METAPHYSICAL DESIGN OF THE UNIVERSE ITSELF.

I believe that if there were to be a God (which I know there isn’t), but hypothetically, if there were to be a God, science would eventually discover His (or Her or Its) existence.
The very concept of “God” should render that Being to the intelligent, rational, and logical scrutiny of the Human mind. An IRRATIONAL God, an ILLOGICAL God, a NON-INTELLIGENT God cannot exist, by definition.

Thus, if God were to really exist, it should be only a matter of time before our Human logic, Human Intelligence, and Human reason catches up with God and begins to discover that Being’s existence.

As far as I am concerned, there is really no other entity worthy of all our reverance and admiration other than a true specimen of Human genuis. Einstein was one. And so, I believe Albert Einstein comes closest to the purest sense of what I would regard as “God”.


8 Responses to “Hero Worship”

  1. Are you serious??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am absoluely in love with einstein??? no kidding!!!!

    i really am

    ( and one time i took the 4 letter personality test thing and I found i am INTP which supposedly means i have the same personality as Einstein!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) lol

  2. as too your last paragraph- yes and no

    You are thinking along the illogical assumption of Science that

    All things are as they appear.

    This one can see is not a given part of reality and is illogical to assume, but yet sceince assumess the above…

  3. OOPS!
    i meant,
    as to your

    THIRD to last paragraph

    up there- lol

  4. Ergo Sum said

    It is quite evident that science does not believe that things are as they appear — Einstein created this massive revolution in human thought by precisely pointing out that: space is infact curved (not as it appears to be), that time is infact relative and changeable (not absolute as it appears to be), that particles can also be waves (not just quantas, as it appears to be), that gravity is not really a force (as it appears to be), etc.

    So, clearly, neither am I nor does science make the assumption (as you allege we are) that things are as they appear to be.

    Hence, my contention that if there is anything intelligent, anything logical, anything marvellous, anything beautiful — it has to consign itself to the scrutiny of the rational Human mind.

    That goes by definition.

  5. well einstein would have then been departing from traditional science would he not?

  6. — but really, is this not one of science’s assumptions– that
    1) the universe CAN be unerstood
    2) things are as they appear


    the second assumption is obviously false

    i never agreed to that assumption and neither did einstein

  7. Ergo Sum said

    I think the second assumption is really NOT an assumption made by science.

    I think in every textbooks of science today being taught in Universities, the authors make it painfully clear that one should take all theories and evidences with a grain of salt, i.e. critically judge them, not accept them as they are…

    Hence, the view that everything is as they appear to be, is clearly incompatible with the way science does its investigation today.

    Clearly, the earth appears to be flat, but since the time of Galileo, science has come to accept that the earth merely APPEARS to be flat but is really NOT… hence, things are not the way they appear.

  8. Hi, thanks a lot for your comment

    no, haven’t been to Mumbai

    please visit my log again..

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