Reason as the Leading Motive

Gay or not Gay

Posted by Jerry on August 30, 2005

Few general remarks:

I do not believe that “gayness” is immutable or genetically determined. I do believe that homosexuality might have some genetic basis for creating a pre-disposition or tendency.

Homosexuality is anormal–in the sense that it is not the norm but a more than rare exception to the norm. There is NOT ONE shred of sound, logical, and rational argument based on reality that can honestly and successfully claim that homosexuality is immoral. All arguments currently out there are pretty pathetic variations of religious/superstitious/supernaturally based arguments or simply arguments with very bad logic.

Being gay is COMPLETELY OKAY – as CHOICE and as an ACT.


5 Responses to “Gay or not Gay”

  1. innommable said

    so I wonder if making passes at you at work is ok, too… has that hottie made any more passes at you?

  2. Ergo Sum said

    Not not anymore… we haven’t really had a chance to run into each other lately…
    Maybe I should covertly use my camera phone and take some “paparazzi” style pictures of him! yeah? 😉

  3. Tyrel said

    what language is this?

  4. innommable said

    yeah!!! take a covert pic!!!

  5. Anonymous said

    I’m still waiting to see the photos!

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