Reason as the Leading Motive

Untitled — Your Eyes

Posted by Jerry on August 8, 2005

You try to hide your love
under those long lashes
That shyness flirting
at the edges of your eyes
That innocent glance
Giving voice to all unspoken words
Broadly smiling at me in gay abandon
It beckons me
into the satin-cool fabric
of your woven dreams
It sweeps me
into a fragrant world
of beauty and peace
It kisses life
between our moments of breathlessness
It tires me
with an unending ecstasy of timelessness

Any longer… and I shall die
Any shorter, I’d rather not live.


7 Responses to “Untitled — Your Eyes”

  1. i like the ending.

  2. Tyrel said

    WOW….I like it a lot!!

  3. innommable said

    I like it, too. Did you write that yourself?

    If so, who is it about?

  4. Ergo Sum said

    Of course, I wrote that myself.
    It’s just an inspired, stylized version of observations I make..

  5. innommable said

    Notice how you don’t answer my second question…

  6. ergo-help! anonymous is scaring me!

  7. Ergo Sum said

    I realized, just like my personal philosophy of life,
    my art – my poems and my fictional works – are such an anti-thesis to the Beckettian mentality. I feel it is only appropriate that art should reflect one’s philosophy of life.

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