Reason as the Leading Motive

HAHAHA! My naive attempts at Philosophy in my younger years!

Posted by Jerry on August 4, 2005

These are some of the things I wrote down in my journal during my younger years as an asipiring “arm-chair philosopher”! I was so steeped in absurdity! It’s amazing!– and funny, I think! 🙂

“People like to feed their own egos by believing that of all the living creatures, Humans are the SUPERIOR beings. They do not like the idea that humans are in no way greater than any other creature in the Universe. That humans and their surroundings are all the same thing — we humans exist within the fabric of the Universe — Humans in the universe and the universe inside us and part of us. And even in that, it is all still very illusory. The true reality of our existence and of the universe is very much beyond our grasp. This is all just a illusory reflection of what might be real.
Our minds cannot understand our existence totally. We do not know whether we exist in the present, since what is really the “present”? Time itself is an illusion. Some say there is an eternal “now”, some say there is no concept of a “now”, only a past and a future. We also do not have total and full control over our lives. We cannot control the past, and we cannot fully control the future. So our lives is haphazardly controlled by us and our destiny and surrounding forces.
Life is illusory, unknown, and varying. We may be able to manipulate certain things to cause certain other things, but we can NEVER be SURE that our manipulation will work and provide us with the desired results.
We would like to THINK of ourselves as masters of destiny but it would be much wiser to think of ourselves as simply, humble, lowly creatures, like a child, and let life have its own way with us.”

My God, I was SOOO lost!! But now, I’m found! Praise the Lord! 😉 Incidentally, yes I was charismatic. It was FUN! 🙂


2 Responses to “HAHAHA! My naive attempts at Philosophy in my younger years!”

  1. yeh i could tell about the charismatic thing too

  2. go to my blog right now LOL its funny! i think…

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