Reason as the Leading Motive


Posted by Jerry on August 2, 2005

If you’ve never had a beginning to your existence, and if you will never have an end to your existence, then do you really know what it means to EXIST?
Can you know what it means to exist, as opposed to not existing, if you do not even have the possibility of non-existence?

Is immortality really all that its cracked up to be?

I’m very glad that Eve ate the apple from the tree of knowledge rather than the tree of life. I mean, what point is it to have an endless existence of an imbecile? Such torture!
But then if she had eaten an apple from both life and knowledge, even then it would seem like a damnation to the inescapable fact of immortality! There is no choice or free-will in the matter of self-existence. Seems pretty dreary to me.

Hmmm… now to think about it… Eating from the tree of life and from the tree of knowledge would result in an inherently contradictory and therefore unintelligible scenario. It would NOT be possible, if one tries to make logical sense out of this situation, for Eve to have eaten both apples and experienced the gifts of both those trees. No wonder the Genesis story so conveniently gets her to eat just one apple for knowledge (thus explaining away our faculty to think and reason) and then prevents her from getting anywhere near the apple of life (thus explaining away our obvious moratality), because if she would have eaten both apples, one would reach a contradiction.
And we all know, contradictions do not exist in reality!


4 Responses to “Incomplete”

  1. ergo who taught you yer theology man? LOL you really got some wacked ideas yer always slightly off in your perception of what ‘the whole God-morality-thing’ is all about, like you’ve got the basic idea of it but then yer understanding of it always jumps ship early…just hang on a second longer babe the storm is gonna clear

  2. Ergo Sum said

    My theology was taught to me by the Catholic Church catechisms. 🙂

    My philosophy is taught by Reason.

  3. Ergo Sum said

    And about this post… it’s not really much a commentary of God, as much as it is about an investigation into the definition of concepts like “Knowledge” and “Immortality”.

  4. i was just say in ingeneral, not like sepcifically that this post is about God…well yeah but you def got them taught wrong in your catechesis tho babe

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