Reason as the Leading Motive

Baby and Evil: Contradiction?

Posted by Jerry on August 1, 2005

Well, let’s put it this way:

Sin is evil? Yes or NO?

If No, then sin is either good or neutral.
If sin is good, then we should all sin because it is good, and we all should do good.

If sin is neutral, that means it is NOT good nor bad. Thus, if we commit a “sin” it shouldn’t matter to anybody because it is a neutral act.

If you say that some acts are NOT inherently sinful, but it is judged based upon the effects of the actions, then “sin” becomes a very subjective phenomena that changes interpretations through time and culture and people.

Thus, Sin is either good, or bad, or neutral.

But we know clearly that according to religious doctrine, one must AVOID sinning. God hates the sin, they say.
Thus, Sin cannot be good because God would not hate the good. Sin cannot be neutral because God wouldn’t care to judge your neutral actions (like drinking water when you’re thirsty).
Thus, Sin has to be BAD or IMMORAL or EVIL because God judges disfavorably against the one who sins.

Thus, choosing to do the bad or the immoral or the evil, is committing a sin (according to that religious believer).

However, in the case of the doctrine of the “Original Sin”, the belief is that Original Sin exists from the moment a human is born on this earth.
In other words, Humans are inherently stained with sin as a part of their very NATURE.
Sin, as we just understood it, is NOT good, NOR NEUTRAL, but clearly and decidedly BAD.
Thus, a baby is BORN with characteristics that are said to be inherent in this new-born infant that are considered decidedly BAD, i.e. of sin.

The doctrine allows for no possibility of acting towards being sinful, nor any possibility of beginning with a clean-slate. The doctrine accepts as an axiom that Humans are sinful creatures, unable to escape their depraved nature. Their only salvation is to reduce themselves to dust in their pursuit of worshipping and seeking the mercy of their divine, loving, God.

(Note: I have deliberately avoided using the word “evil” cuz it seems that people shy away from that word, considering it to be too loaded! That, or people have such dramatically different ideas of what they define as “evil”. So, it seems acceptable to use generic definitions of good and bad to convey right and wrong, moral and immoral, good and evil).


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