Reason as the Leading Motive

Pasha, contd-

Posted by Jerry on July 26, 2005

As he was walking down the streets of the city under the evening sun, Pasha felt the distant thoughts of Jardin beginning to rise in his mind.
There were times when Pasha felt he had no capacity to communicate. He knew the language, he knew the words, he knew how to string them together to make coherent sentences, but for some reason, the meaning of his words were either lost to his listeners, or he was unable to grasp the meaning in the words they had spoken to him.
Pasha was better at reading people than listening to them. He understood a lot more about people by watching them. Silence, he thought, should be the barometer of effective communication.
Pasha enjoyed his moments of silence with Jardin — the only friend he had with whom he felt no need to explicitly communicate. Jardin was more than a friend to him. And now, as he felt the soft glow of lights from the buildings fall upon him as he passed by, it seemed only appropriate to him that this experience of serenity was matched by the warm thoughts of Jardin.
He had sat across from Jardin at the restaurant table during his lunch hour. Jardin had made it a habit to take his lunch break with Pasha as often as he could.
"How are you?" Pasha asked.
"Good," Jardin replied.
Both knew fully that neither the question nor the response was obligatory; that they had no need for such casual talk between them. Every instance of verbal communication that they exchanged was a real manifestation of their thoughts – genuine and sincere. Their words were not grapplings of vacuous space.
They both had a clear but implicit understanding that no purposeless words should ever be uttered by their mouths; that language has a necessary function which is to communicate, and it is only to that end that words should be used.
Pasha despised people who used language not to communicate a genuine message but to escape from the responsibility of having to be genuine. For them, language was a like a filler that took up space, occupied their empty minds, and sheltered them from the reality of their discomfort; like a balloon filled with air but empty nonetheless.

Jardin sat back in his seat and looked around. He was glad to be sitting down, finally.
"It was a long day at work today. And I yelled at one of the workers,"
If he was frustrated, he didn't show it. He said that as if he were telling a joke.
And Pasha laughed in response.
"So you have started yelling at people now? I'm surprised you even care that much!"
"I don't. I only remember that I yelled at this guy. I can't remember what he did or what I said to him. You don't expect me to waste my efforts at remembering those inconsequential details, do you!?"
"No", Pasha smiled in reply.

5 Responses to “Pasha, contd-”

  1. Tyrel said

    Pasha…I love you!

  2. innommable said

    I’m looking forward to the gritty adventures of Pasha et Jardin (sur le jardin, sur le édifice abandonné. . .)

  3. Ergo Sum said

    I’m jealous of Pasha!

  4. Ergo Sum said

    Oh, and INNOMMABLE, it’s not “sur le jardin”… it should be “dans le jardin”… jouie dans le jardin.

  5. yes- i had a friendship like this once—she was italian and spoke no english barely any and we spent 2 weeks together at a summer college institute—we had a bond that diden’t need words…we had a really really deep bond in fact….amazing…time passed in silence together and laughing and observing together…

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