Reason as the Leading Motive

Sex and the City!

Posted by Jerry on July 21, 2005

So, I was walking down Michigan Ave. today after work… and I found myself just bursting out in laughter! I had thought about the episode of Sex and the City – season 4, the one in which Samantha decides to become a lesbo and check the vagina schmagina thingie or whatever….
Anyway, so the episode was about Samantha getting into this relationship with a Brazilian female artist. And the episode kinda goes around how their relationship was and shit like that… like Samantha complains about how their relationship has turned out to be sooo mushy-mushy, and not really daring or wild or crazy… and how all they do is talk about fuzzy emotions and crap like that. Samantha wants the SEX! She wants the fireworks!
Anyway, so at one point, Samantha and this brazilian chick get into a huge argument about the lack of “fireworks” in their relationship… and this Brazilian chick (LATINO DRAMA!)… says in a thick portuguese accent,
“You want fireworks? Here, I’ll give you fireworks!” And she takes a dish from the kitchen and smashes it on the floor, “BHAM!” She says!
Then she takes another plate and smashes it hard on the floor, “KAPOOOM!!” She says, “Some MORE fireworks!”
And another one, “DHABOOOM! FIREWORKS! Are you happy now?”

Now, thinking back about this episode I just BURST OUT LAUGHING!! OMG! I thought, it’s SOO TRUE! Latino DRAMA, is SOOOO TRUE! All those latinos are JUST D-R-A-M-A’s! It’s in their collective cultural meme! And it’s not just me that thinks that, even SEX AND THE CITY believes that!
HAHA! This was sooo funny to me!


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