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Mockery of Morality

Posted by Jerry on July 21, 2005

To claim that God is perfectly moral is to make a mockery of morality! It is to insult all that we deem as moral and good.
That which is outside the possibility of choice is definitely outside the realm of morality. If God is only “all good” and has NO possibility of EVER being “non-good” or evil or opposite of His state of being, then He has no choice and is therefore is not being “virtuous” and benevolent in being the “MORAL” Being that He is! No, God is AMORAL — like a piece of rock, or like a computer.
Morality requires the option and possibility of virtue and sin, of good and evil, of existence and non-existence, of truth and falsity. Saying that God is moral because that is His “nature” is akin to saying that the computer is “moral” because it cannot volitionally do any wrong.

Take humans, for example. If I were afflicted with Obsessive-Compulsive disorder, and that meant I had to constantly wash my hands every 2 minutes and keep it “clean”… it is in my afflicted nature to want my hands to be clean. Assume, I had NO OTHER CHOICE but to continue existing in this state of affliction — always washing my hands clean every 2 minutes. Then would my keeping my hands clean be considered a virtue of my cleanliness, or rather a manifestation of my afflicted nature? Thus, I’m “clean” because of the default nature of my affliction, or out of a conscious and deliberate choice to respect the virtue of cleanliness? What is more laudable — that a dirty man finally decided to take a bath and clean himself after so many years, or that a man who is regularly clean every moment decides to take another shower to make sure he’s clean at all times?

This brings me to the point of one of the Catholic doctrines of Original Sin. This is another instance of insulting all standards of morality and values. The doctrine states that humans are born in a state of sin and uncleanliness. Depravity and damnation is the beginning of the human life and therefore, the founding basis for Catholic morality.
It begins by saying that humans are sinful. Then it demands that you admit to your own depravity even before you know the reasons for why you are being damned! And the proof of your virtue is in admitting your sinfulness without any reason, without any hesitation, without any effort at defending yourself. In other words, you are guilty of sin and immorality without need for proof of your guilt, for the actions you have not committed, and your virtue lies only in admitting to that sin for which you were not responsible at all.
Thus, morality based on this premise is that humans are evil, and therefore they have to strive to become that which they are not — good. And good is defined as everything that is not in the sinful inherent nature of humans.
Thus, the duty of humans on this earth is to accept their inherent depravity, constantly renounce their inherently sinful nature, langour through years of guilt for their sinful existence and atone for the guilt of the sins that they did not commit, carry the sentence of punishment for crimes committed by someone else or everyone else, and accept their evaluation of themselves as the “non-good”, the ZERO.
For they are only dust, from which they come and to which they shall return.

If humans are born evil by birth, then they have no power to change it or to choose to be good at birth. And where there is no power to will to change, there cannot be any deliberate choice. And where there is no choice, there cannot be morality. To claim huamn sinfulness at the moment of our existence on earth is to damn our existence and our life on earth. To punish humans for crimes not yet committed or committed by someone else is to make a mockery of justice. To claim humans as guilty of “Original Sin” when there is no possibility of achieving innocence is to make a mockery of reason and innocence and all that is good!


14 Responses to “Mockery of Morality”

  1. Tyrel said

    This post has been removed by the author.

  2. Ergo Sum said

    Oh it’s FUN! Learn to enjoy it! 🙂 Besides, I’m sure even God would want you to know as much as you can about Him.

  3. Ergo Sum said

    Hmmmm… okay fine. You suggest a topic. Anything you wanna talk, discuss, debate, argue, rant about?

    You know, I should probably be working on poor Pasha… he must feel really abandoned right now? yeah?

  4. Tyrel said

    Pasha? Oh yeah…PASHA! I had forgotten about him. I’ve created many topics of discussion on my blog. Ellaborate on those.

  5. innommable said

    Just like some CRAZY minister can stand on State Street and feel free to preach, “If you’re a homosexual, you are going to HELL….” ERGO should feel free to write, “I […] want to contemplate the patterns within the history of our society. I wanted to observe how true Rand was when she said that IDEAS cannot and should not be divorced from REALITY because the ideas you hold and propagate will invariable influence your real response to reality. In other words, there is no point talking about abstract ideas without simultaneously maintaing a clear and solid perception of the REAL ramifications or manifestations of those ideas….” without YOU telling him to stop!

    I like hearing ERGO talk about his ideas, and after all, you are free to NOT read his thoughts here. Clearly you are choosing to read them.

    I, on the other hand, AM NOT FREE to walk past the crazy minister on State Street and CHOOSE not to hear him PREACH at me! And no, I SHOULDN’T have to put my hands over my ears to block out his sound… HE shouldn’t BE there preaching on a megaphone! FREAKO… (not you, him…)

  6. Tyrel said

    This post has been removed by the author.

  7. innommable said

    Well, GOOD. I hope he posts MORE on God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. innommable said

    …and by the way, TYREL, I am also “glad people can express themselves and their beliefs in this country” and do so freely. And CLEARLY, by stating that, “HE shouldn’t BE there preaching on a megaphone! FREAKO…” I am ALSO exercising that right.


  9. Tyrel said

    This post has been removed by the author.

  10. innommable said

    FUCK that FREAKO on the street, OK!

    Someone should take a bat with a nail sticking out of it and shove it up his ASS!!!!

    How’s that for freedom of expression?

  11. innommable said

    I love that you deleted your posts!

    I have no clue why you would do that though. . . .

    Nutty. . .

  12. Ergo Sum said

    This post has been removed by the author.

  13. um, u said something about a baby born evil

    that is a contradictory

    evil and baby

    to us evil is nothing, a lack of something
    a baby just is and is not born evil, it could have AN evil inflicted upon it such as a lack of an arm etc but the child is not inherently evil

  14. Ergo Sum said

    This post has been removed by the author.

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