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God’s Limitations

Posted by Jerry on July 20, 2005

Ofcourse, we all know that God (if there exists one) is (or would be) all-powerful and Omnipotent and all that.
However, we also know that God cannot do certain things that are logically impossible. In other words, even God has to obey the fundamental law of logic, which is non-contradiction, that A is A and cannot be A and non-A at the same time.

So, if the entity “God” that we assume independently exists is under the limitation of the principles of logic, then the CONCEPT of “God” ITSELF should also be perfectly and LOGICALLY consistent, without any internal contradictions, or else, the concept “God” would then be rendered illogical and contradictory and therefore false!

So, let’s take some concepts of what we understand God is or is not, and see if they make clear, consistent logic:

God is perfectly moral.
Morality is in always doing that which is right.
Doing what is right requires one to know what is right from what is wrong.
God always knows what is right from what is wrong because God knows everything.
But doing what is right and NOT doing what is wrong implies that there is an option to choose from.
Therefore, there should be choices of right and wrong that God can choose to do, from which he picks the right thing to do.
However, God can NEVER pick the wrong thing to do, because He always picks the right thing and because He KNOWS what the right thing is.
But if God can NEVER pick the wrong thing to do, it means he has NO CHOICE in the matter, i.e. He cannot help but pick ONLY the right thing to do. He CANNOT bring himself to do the wrong thing.
But God is all-powerful and can do ANYTHING.
But God cannot go against His own nature — which is to ALWAYS do the right thing.
Since, He is incapable of ever doing the wrong thing, He is also limited by His own nature in all the things he can do.
Thus, God cannot have the CAPACITY or the potential to do the wrong thing, because that would mean that there exists a possibility for that potential to do the wrong thing, to manifest.
But there is ABSOLUTELY NO POSSIBILITY even, for God to ever pick the wrong thing to do.
Thus, without any choice in the matter, God does not have free-will to exercise both this potentials and then choose his potential to do right all the time.
Since no capacity to ever do wrong exists in God, He is bounded by His nature to always do right — automatically.
Thus, no free-will, thus no choice, then automatic nature, like instinct.
Thus, is God’s actions TRULY moral if there was no deliberate, purposeful, benevolent action in choosing to do only the right over the capacity to do all the wrong?
It cannot be that God cannot have free-will, because God can choose to do ANYTHING.
But I just demonstrated that God has no free-will or independent CHOICE in the matter of doing the right thing or the wrong thing.
Thus, this whole argumentation of God being “perfectly moral” and having “free-will” and being independently “omnipotent” seems to fall flat on its face.
Too many contradictions in the internal concept of God.
But God has to be the MOST SUPREMELY logical and intelligent Being ever!
And God has to obey the principles of logic — like He cannot commit suicide because it is logically impossible for Him to do so if He is eternal and immortal.

Therefore, God is not real. Contradictions cannot be real. The unreal does not exist. God does not exist.


One Response to “God’s Limitations”

  1. innommable said

    I think that if Tyrel wants you to stop blogging about God, he should stop dragging you with him to church…. lol…


    Much love y’all!

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