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The 21st Century Messiah

Posted by Jerry on July 14, 2005

It’s interesting today – our world.
I think we have just figured out a very effective, easy, and entertaining solution to dealing with our problems in life. It’s strange how all of this evolved, but here we are! We have a new messiah come to heal us and save us from our emotional, psychological, physical, financial, and social problems! — It’s called: Reality Television.

Today, almost anything and everything that used to occur in the privacy of our lives are thrown up onto the TV screen for the world to see. And what that has done is, it has allowed strangers to peer into one another’s lives and notice how similar (or crazily different) each of us is! It has almost come to the point where today you don’t need to seek expert, professional help or advice in dealing with your life’s issues anymore; just flick on the switch and watch reality television! 🙂

You’ve got physical health issues? Oprah comes to your rescue with the “Oprah Weight loss challenge”! Or if you’re not an Oprah fan (I don’t know who that could be!)you can sample any one of those numerous “big loser” weight-loss shows, diet competition challenge shows, or one of those “extreme makeover – cosmetic surgery” shows, or the really crazy “get-a-lipo-or-some-botox-and-look-hot” shows! Who knows, if you’re persistent enough you might actually get the opportunity to go under the cosmetic razor yourself-get rid of that tire around your waist!

And if you think you are aesthetically or socially challenged, watch the new Hilton reality show — apparently you will learn the nuances of social finesse after watch a few of those episodes. You can finally wear that sleek dinner tux to a fine restaurant and seem like you belong there! 🙂
There’s also the Beauty and the Geek show for all you young dorks out there; you can pick up tips on how to get the most phone numbers, how to romance your date after dinner, and how to act not like a dork!

Or if you just worry about the way you dress, there are plenty of fashion makeover shows, crazy hair do-over shows, the Tommy Hilfiger (totally flopped) fashion competition show.

You’ve got unruly kids in your house? Watch “Super Nanny” or “Brat Camp” or any of those “boot-camp” type shows that give you tips on how to raise “socially conscientious” children!

You want to know if your kid is really yours? Get on the Maury show for FREE DNA TESTING! They also provide lie detector tests, for those of your interested.

You want to know if your spouse, lover, or partner is cheating on you? Don’t need to dole out your cash on a private dick, just call “Cheaters”, and they will take care of that for you. Most likely, if they accept your case and investigate, then your spouse is really cheating-so just be ready for the worst! 🙂

You don’t know how to deal with your finances? Watch the amazing Suze Orman! Or you could just watch the “Real World” and see how they screw themselves up everytime by over-spending and not working, or watch the “Apprentice” and get ideas on how to stretch your dollar in the business world.

You want a new house? You are sure to get some good luck applying to any one of the plethora of home makeover shows out there! Or you may want to just watch them and get some ideas to doing it yourself.

Want some legal advice? Oh there are so many many day-time courtroom shows with neurotic judges on power-trips; and there’s apparently a new legal reality tv show by none other than David Kelley — the “legally real” show, I guess! 🙂

I mean, I could go on and on… but really (no pun intended), reality TV has come to the rescue of the average TV viewer like a 21st century messiah, with all the answers to almost all of your questions or problems. I mean, who needs doctors and lawyers and psychologists and architects and designers or whoever else anymore? You have your TV and you have TV show producers willing to pay YOU to help YOU with your problems.
And ofcourse, as the GRANDEST SAVIOR of all, you have the Queen of television — OPRAH, to make your “wildest dreams come true!” So, who needs a second coming of the Messiah to save us from our problems? We have TV! 🙂


One Response to “The 21st Century Messiah”

  1. innommable said

    OH MY GAWD!!! LOL!!! This is so true, and FUNNY!

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