Reason as the Leading Motive

Silhouette Romance: Comment and Interpretation

Posted by Jerry on July 14, 2005

I think your line should remain as an observation of my poem, like you observing my observation!
I love your interpretation though: The replacement of the sun as the center of my life — observable, palpable, yet so unreachable! Real and close yet so distant.
Do I yearn so much to get so close to it, that I am willing to feel the raw blisters of heat on my skin?
Is that even possible though? Can it happen? Will it happen?
It seems like the pain is inevitable: either by getting closer and being burned, or by having to stay at an agonizing distance, yearning forever.
The pain seems inevitable.


5 Responses to “Silhouette Romance: Comment and Interpretation”

  1. innommable said

    Je ne comprends pas ce drame obscur.

  2. Como estai? i like the poems you post best of all..they are the only thing you say in which i agree with everything!!!!! stick to them….then we would always agree..but then again, where’s the fun in that anyways? 😉

  3. BossMack said

    What’s cracking, Thanks for checking out “TopMackNigga” tha blog. My writing is esoteric, a mixture of slang and twenty dollar words, I force the reader to think. I will start fucking with your site also, you seem to be poetic.

  4. innommable said

    ummm…. You checked out TopMackNigga???? Did you post a comment or something??? That guy is SOMETHIN’ ELSE!

  5. Jason said

    Ooooh, someone has a new crack baby on their site… 😀

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