Reason as the Leading Motive

Stolen Music

Posted by Jerry on June 30, 2005

One day he offered to crystallize his love disguised as pain onto a flat disc.
With such timid eyes and anime smile he spoke of the
mountains and valleys, and streams and rivers, and cascades and lakes,
jolted alive by the beats of his viscera —
rhythmic, pulsating, modulated vocal stresses that named the emotions gone unspoken.
He gave it to me.
I held it for a few moments, contemplating all that this flat, round piece of plastic contained.
I was distantly shocked at the brutality of such a manifestation: of seeing all that is so pure, and so benevolent, and so profound, being bound and burned on this disc.
Nonetheless, the moment I pressed a little button,
it all gushed out with the force of a storm and assuredly subsumed my being.
I sat looking at nothing, but looking still, staring… like as if I saw those mountains and those valleys and those streams and those rivers, and those cascades and those lakes…
I saw them all before me.
And he stood above them all, like the glory of a messianic second-coming,
he stood — his hair still a moppy mess, his anime smile and timid eyes.
I wondered, is this possible? I know its not a dream because I’m not asleep! I know its not real because I’m here in my home.
But what is this state of membraneous time warp I find myself happily trapped in?
The vision lasted for as long as I could hear the sound of his love.
What does love sound like?
Like this, I thought:
Like the sound of his heartbeat in your ear even when he’s not around.
Like the whisper of his breath that you can hear even in the midst of a storm.
That is what love sounds like.
Soon, the vision was blurred
until it fully disappeared
and I was transported back to my drab living room couch.
I turned to see
who was sitting next to me,
and I saw a different person.
He sat perplexed and enraptured,
like as if he had witnessed the exact same things I did —
or did he just see them reflected in my eyes?
In any case, he must have felt some enchantment from that experience within himself, for he slyly paced around contemplating what his next move should be.
He waited stealthily and patiently in the glare of bright daylight,
for he knew he shouldn’t be so obvious of his intentions by lurking in the dark shadows.
And when the time seemed right to him,
he grabbed the rivers of melody with his bare hands,
shrouded the radiance of its tormented love,
and left without a word;

Stolen forever…
mountains and all.


6 Responses to “Stolen Music”

  1. i like this idea…alOt…

  2. Ergo Sum said

    what idea?

  3. innommable said

    You changed it into a poem… I like it a lot this way!

  4. ..the embodiement of music? perhaps…

  5. Tyrel said

    So apparantly this is not poetry! My roommate thinks this is not considered poetry because it does not fulfill at least three of the five characteristics of poetry. Keep in mind, this is from the guy that said Earth is the only planet that has gravity! LOL

  6. Ergo said

    Who is this dork?

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