Reason as the Leading Motive


Posted by Jerry on February 11, 2005

Ephemeral, life is. How can one truly know one has lived? Memories are hardly reliable. They are not even exhaustively complete. There are huge chunks of our lives that we just don’t remember. We just don’t remember how we lived those moments, or perhaps whether we lived at all! Sure, there are other sources that can be utilized to assist one’s memory – photographs, letters, clothes, homes, other people, etc.
Nonetheless, having lived an entire life span, when one arrives at the moment of their death at– say 80 years old, can one really feel like they lived all 80 years of their lives? Or does one just remember and feel the last 40 years? – And even those are probably only scattered visions.
I guess that leads me to ask the question, is there anything not ephemeral in our lives? How do we recognize, identify, and remember that which is lasting and not transient?

I notice strange characteristics in people. Like, there are some who walk on the ground, and they seem like they are simply walking. Nothing unusual. But then, you see some people who seem to be gliding across the floor. They are simply walking, but they give off the perception of being light, floating, gliding above the ground. They don’t just walk. I wonder about these people. How are their lives? What gives them that characteristic walk? Is it really nothing more than just their physical gait?


3 Responses to “Random”

  1. Individual life, by nature, is transitory. You open your physical eyes when you’re born; you blink and you’re a kid running amuck in the school playground without a care in the world. Another blink and you’re a young adult, strident and purposeful in bearing, just starting to hunger for what the world has to offer. One more blink, but now you’re an adult, walking with the gait of someone carrying the world’s burdens on his shoulders.

    Have you noticed that (most…not all) children fly? Their physicality tethered to their spirit, acting as one? Those people you’ve seen floating around–I think they’re the ones who’ve come to appreciate that life is granted to us for only the most fleeting of moments.

    Why try to shine like a superstar when we don’t have the light of stars? It’ll have to be good enough that we’ve lived.

    Why try to look back and valuate the quality of life when we don’t have the memory of mountains? It’ll have to be good enough that we’ve lived.

    And why ponder the unanswerable when we don’t have the luxury of trees? It’ll have to be good enough to float around, and live.

    [Good “food for thought” post…but dammit, it made me talk like my Boulder friends! Granola enough for you? 😉 ]–>

  2. jambomb said

    do you mind if i comment here?

  3. Ergo said

    Comment under this particular post? No, I don’t mind. I assume it’s relevant to something I wrote here. Either way, it’s fine. I’m liberal in my comment policy so long as it does not cross over to being rude or obscene.

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