Reason as the Leading Motive

Feasting on seconds

Posted by Jerry on September 2, 2004

Moonlight dripping quiet fog
hovering shadows never letting loose

In the vastness, I walk…
in s l o w thinking movements
crushing the tired grass
ripping their hearts

I ponder the ominous air
And swallow the timorous sky

gulp in…
breathe out

The wind is mocking me
its taunting laughter
its foreboding cries
close to my ear

I open my lungs
blanket the wind
and smother its density

They watch me bare my chest
My bleeding heart…
I know they see
with salivating eyes

In hungry patience they await
the silence of my being
to smell my decaying body
to gouge my succulent eyes
and drink from the vial of my glands

I look right back at them
with eyes as terse as steel
but my thumping heart
rises in decibels deafening my ears

And they see my shivering limbs
Their tongues
lick off the streams of my seeping blood
Their low rumbles reek of impatient greed

Only seconds more… I think

The moon watched in embarrassed silence
And hid her sadness behind her curves

Let me not know the manner of my death
I pray

Only seconds more…


3 Responses to “Feasting on seconds”

  1. When we have spare time we make an Universe of things that we just can’t believe we just finished. I have only one question, do you understood what I posted in my blog? I’m saying this because you are Northen-American.. See you around!

  2. Semperviva said

    damn i love it–amazing i love it so much i wanted to forward it to my email but you need to re-do your setting sman so i can —awesome!
    forward it to me man!

  3. Semperviva said

    is this _____cogito_____ ergo sum? interesting…do you realize this syllogism is begging the question–he assumes and doesn’t actually prove the premise…but i love it! very clever!–>

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